The 16 Best Beauty Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Retailers A few months ago, there was a trend on TikTok of boyfriends who can’t wait for their girlfriends to leave the house so they can use their products, and I thought it was the most fun. To my surprise, a few weeks later, I got into my boyfriend’s car, […]

Clean beauty: a nebulous concept in search of a definition

Originating long before the Covid-19 pandemic, the “clean beauty” movement has exploded with the consumer craze for natural and organic cosmetics, which would be respectful of health and the environment. Brands and retailers alike espouse this reassuring notion, which is also a possible way to curry favor with increasingly committed and uncompromising younger generations. A […]

17 best beauty subscription boxes of 2023 for makeup & skincare

Beauty subscriptions are here to make finding amazing products easier and more budget-friendly in the long run. With flexible membership plans and frequency options, you can explore bestselling brands across makeup, skin care, hair care and more each month, delivered straight to your door. From makeup samples to full-size skin care products, beauty subscription boxes […]

11 of the most anticipated releases

At W, we know you don’t have to herald a new year to look for fresh, game-changing produce. Without a doubt, 2022 saw beauty launches that have earned a place in our daily routines (Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation, we’re looking at you). But like the next beauty enthusiast, we’re already looking ahead to 2023, […]

‘All the Beauty and the Bloodshed’ narra la lucha para eliminar el nombre de una familia del mundo del arte

Para mantenerlo informado, Culture Queue es una serie continua de recomendaciones sobre libros oportunos para leer, películas para ver, podcasts y música para escuchar. , los propietarios del fabricante de OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, siempre estaban bajo la lupa, ese era parte de su objetivo. A partir de 2018, se diseñaron una serie de ruidosas protestas […]

JCPenney Beauty offers a comprehensive shopping experience

Following its 2020 bankruptcy reorganization, retailer JCPenney restructured its brand strategy and offerings to better accommodate the evolving retail business model and enhance the in-person and digital shopping experience for its customers in 2023. These efforts have included expanding into the virtual cosmetics space through its partnership with Revive to develop AI skincare and augmented […]