The 14 largest beauty companies in the world

In this article, we discuss the 14 largest beauty companies in the world. If you want to read about a few more beauty companies, go straight to The 5 largest beauty companies in the world. The beauty industry has successfully overcome the multiple challenges posed by the pandemic crisis and the subsequent economic slowdown of […]

The Best Celebrity Christmas Beauty Inspiration in 2022

Even the most “ponytailed and lip gloss” girl can’t help but want to get a little glam for the holidays – something about the twinkly lights and sugar rush just does that to a person. Here at PEOPLE StyleWatch we’re dedicated to providing the perfect celebrity inspiration and top tips from the pros for trying […]

A Generation of Trendsetters: Gen Z Beauty Must-Haves

To be a successful brand, companies must be able to authentically connect with their target consumers. For brands that specifically target Gen Z, there is a certain level of pressure to perform well. The generation expects to be heard when they give their opinion, with products made to meet their needs and demands. To help […]

Save on Dermstore, Dossier and Sephora

When you buy through our links, Insiders can earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Black Friday 2022 is here, which means plenty of beauty and personal care deals are available now. Whether you’re hoping to do your holiday shopping early or just want to save on something for yourself, there are plenty of deals to […]

The Best Beauty Products the PEOPLE Team Tried This Month

At PEOPLE, we take beauty testing very seriously. We sift through hundreds —nay — thousands of pitches and products on a regular basis, carefully swatching, spritzing, and applying the latest and greatest offerings so that we can then share with you, dear readers, those that are worth your hard-earned money. And we’re keenly aware that […]

The beauty and skincare products we love in 2022

BuzzFeed may collect a portion of the sales or other compensation from the Things We Love links if you choose to purchase from them. Some items were already owned by our staff, and others were sent to us for review, but nothing made the cut unless they really liked it. We hope you love them […]