Kate Walsh’s favorite beauty products

Kate Walsh’s interpretation of beauty Derek Kettela Kate Walsh has seen her fair share of lotions and potions while working with beauty professionals during her nearly 30-year career. At 54, the actress and spokesperson for Systane Complete preservative-free lubricating eye drops has compiled a short list of essentials to help her look and feel her […]

Lipsticks recover color and opt for customization

After two years of slowdown, the makeup category is growing again, both in the US and Europe. “There is a kind of recovery phenomenon,”, explains Mathilde Lion, Europe beauty expert at The NPD Group. “Today, make-up is Prestige’s most dynamic sales category, compared to 2021, with a growth rate of +42% between January and May […]

5 Brands to Watch for National Clean Beauty Day

Clean beauty brands have tapped into almost every corner of beauty, so why not stand out in the celebrity beauty brand game too? And who better to lead the crusade than the absolutely stunning Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? As with any celebrity beauty brand, Rose Inc. was met with skepticism that it would be written off as […]

Is fame enough to sell beauty? – World Water Day

It seems like every week a different celebrity is launching a new beauty brand, from Kim Kardashian to Hailey Bieber to Pharrell Williams to Scarlett Johansson to Harry Styles to Selena Gomez to Gwen Stefani to Machine Gun Kelly to Jennifer Lopez to Lori Harvey, to name but a few. Some. Due to the huge […]