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They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but what are the definitions and perceptions of beauty in the eyes of Penn State students?

Some students, like Dominic DiFrancesco, had their own specific definitions of beauty.

DiFrancesco (first year of vocal performance and marketing) said his own personal definition of the term is “the subjective appreciation of something.”

However, Logan Madden said that it is “very difficult to define beauty” because the concept is “extremely subjective”.

Madden (a freshman earth science student) explained that “people’s beliefs and experiences” change their perceptions of what is beautiful.

“What I find beautiful in the world is going to be very different from what someone else finds beautiful,” he said.

Jordan Robinson said that beauty is “how you express yourself, how you carry yourself or carry yourself, not necessarily just a physical thing, but the confidence that you exude.”

The students also reflected on times when they have felt beautiful.

Paige Manbeck said she feels beautiful “always” as she “likes to be confident in herself.”

On the other hand, Olivia Kranefuss said that her “sense of beauty” comes from her sense of fashion.

Kranefuss (senior agricultural scientists) said the last time she felt beautiful was when she wore an outfit she “really liked” and “felt confident.”

Many students also shared their thoughts on what they find beautiful.

Robinson (senior in kinesiology) said it’s beautiful.”[see] the people you care about smile, knowing that maybe you had a part to play in it.”

“What is beautiful to me is people choosing to be kind not just to other people, but to nature,” said Lilly Christopher.

Madden also acknowledged her appreciation for finding beauty in nature.

“I love nature. I love everything that feels like I can hear the silence of the world,” she said. “I can forget everything around me.”

Manbeck (a freshman majoring in science and communication disorders) said that “her sister” inspires beauty in her life as she teaches her to “be confident” in herself.

“My roommate and I have decorated our apartment to make it look very cozy and homey, and I feel that my living space is very beautiful for me. I love coming home every day,” Kranefuss said. “She definitely inspires me to design and decorate.”

Some students correlated beauty with the concept of love: romantic, platonic or otherwise.

“It’s weird because I feel like we have different definitions of what we consider beautiful to ourselves and then to others,” DiFrancesco said when it comes to her friends. “I just love them so much it doesn’t matter.”

Christopher (freshman-English) shared a similar sentiment with DiFrancesco, as well as some of his hopes for future perceptions of beauty.

“I hope that in the future, many girls growing up realize that they don’t need to look or act a certain way to be beautiful or to be loved,” Christopher said, “and that everyone is deserving of love no matter what they look like.”


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