The O-Wards of Beauty 2022

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Westbrook Photo Credit: Property of Hearst As we considered each of the hundreds and hundreds of shipments of Beauty O-Wards products we received this year, we asked ourselves: Is this a real breakthrough? Does it solve a problem that no other product has, does it contain a harder or faster acting ingredient, […]

LOOK: LeBron’s viral Instagram post

LeBron James made a post on Instagram recently that went viral with almost two million likes. James is entering his fifth season with the Los Angeles Lakers next season, and he will turn 38 during the year. At 37, he was still one of the top 10 players in the world last season and averaged […]

Ultra-fast fashion charms young people despite environmental damage

Britain’s Boohoo, China’s SHEIN and Hong Kong’s Emmiol are the biggest players in an industry that churns out items and collections at breakneck speed and rock-bottom prices. So-called “ultra-fast fashion” has won legions of young fans who can buy clothing relatively cheaply online, but campaigners say the trend masks darker environmental issues. Britain’s Boohoo, China’s […]