50 DTC Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Brands Poised to Take Off

The Lead has identified 50 of the most promising online DTC brands for 2023. New companies were selected from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories. They were evaluated based on multiple factors, including the company’s efficiency in using the capital raised. Loading Something is loading.

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Early-stage direct-to-consumer brands today are forced to follow a very different playbook compared to Casper, Away, and other industry pioneers of the last decade.

Sure, having a great product and building a community of loyal fans is still crucial. But in 2023, there isn’t an army of investors willing to back consumer brands. CEOs are also spending less money on Google or Facebook ads for rapid growth and are more concerned with profitability.

The Lead, a research and events company, has released the fifth edition of its “Foremost 50” list, which highlights DTC’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle startups circumventing these obstacles and disrupting the way businesses operate. legacy brands.

Most of the companies on the list are funded. But raising capital isn’t as big a factor in making the list as it has been in the past, Sonal Gandhi, chief product officer at The Lead, told Insider.

“Many of the brands introduced this year raised little or no money in the first few years,” he said. “And then somehow, once they hit that profitability number that they were looking for, they managed to grow without having to raise additional funds.”

More important is “how efficient are they with the money they have,” Gandhi added. The way startups acquire customers outside of Facebook and Instagram, how they set up supply chain networks, and the rate of repeat purchases from customers are other key factors.

As examples, Gandhi singled out Athletic Brewing and jewelry brand Dorsey, both on this year’s list. The latter owns its own breweries, which Gandhi says shows a unique way to use capital and attract customers outside of online advertisements, while Dorsey adapts to environmental-improvement trends by selling farmed diamonds. in laboratory.

“Product is a big part of what these brands do, but you can’t just win with a great product,” he said. “So, we’re seeing creative approaches to customer acquisition. We’re seeing creative approaches to building communities and then using influencers or other ways to build your brand.”

While higher borrowing rates and the macroeconomic environment are top of mind for DTC CEOs this year, hiring should be a lot easier in 2023.

“Just in terms of growing their teams and getting the experience, it’s certainly going to be easier for them to move on,” Gandhi said. “They’re in that phase where they need to add more members to their teams to grow faster.”

Below are the brands in The Lead’s “Foremost 50” for 2022, listed in alphabetical order. Funding numbers, when known, are also provided by The Lead.

1. Athletic Brewing Company.

What it is: non-alcoholic craft brewer

Total capital raised: $173.5 million

2. bear

What it is: sustainable weighted blankets

Total capital raised: not revealed

3. BEISE travel

What it is: luggage and travel accessories

Total capital raised: not revealed

4. Elegant flower

What it is: women’s fashion brand in size 10-30

Total capital raised: not revealed


What it is: organic baby formula

Total capital raised: $72 million

6. Born Primitive

What it is: Fitness and outdoor clothing brand started by military veterans

Total capital raised: Neither

7. Boy smells

What it is: genderless candles, fragrances and intimate apparel

Total capital raised: not revealed

8.Brandon Blackwood

What it is: designer bags and accessories

Total capital raised: not revealed

9. Bubble Skin Care

What it is: skin care products for men and women

Total capital raised: not revealed

10. Can

What it is: Cannabis-infused drinks with tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol

Total capital raised: $27 million

11. Caraway

What it is: colorful non-toxic ceramic coated housewares

Total capital raised: $40 million

12. Care + Wear

What it is: medical focused fashion clothing

Total capital raised: $5 million

13. Clique

What it is: premium diapers available by subscription

Total capital raised: $34.1 million

14. lady

What it is: sexual wellness brand that sells sexual toys, wipes and supplements

Total capital raised: $13 million


What it is: jewelry with lab-grown diamonds and other minerals

Total capital raised: $1 million

16. Figure 1

What it is: refillable skin care products

Total capital raised: $11.5 million

17. Flag and Anthem

What it is: casual clothing for men and women sold at an average price

Total capital raised: $19.9 million

18.Harper Wilde

What it is: affordable bras and underwear for women

Total capital raised: not revealed

19. Hello cake

What it is: sexual wellness brand for couples

Total capital raised: $18.6 million

20. fire hydrant

What it is: hydration packs packed with vital electrolytes

Total capital raised: $20 million

21. Water

What it is: indoor rowing machine

Total capital raised: $255 million


What it is: fine frozen dinners prepared to be heated on stovetops or in ovens

Total capital raised: not revealed

23. cursive

What it is: no-margin online luxury goods retailer

Total capital raised: $25 million

24.K18 Hair

What it is: treatment for damaged hair

Total capital raised: $44 million


What it is: extra virgin olive oil and vinegar infused with olive oil, desserts and skin care

Total capital raised: $6 million

26. Lalo

What it is: baby furniture including high chairs and play tables.

Total capital raised: $5.6 million

27. Madly happy

What it is: fashion and lifestyle brand focused on creating conversation around mental health

Total capital raised: $1.8 million


What it is: grooming accessories for men

Total capital raised: $500,000

29. Daisy

What it is: women’s shoes handmade in Spain

Total capital raised: not revealed

30. monkeys

What it is: luggage and travel accessories

Total capital raised: $40 million


What it is: online retailer best known for its jeans

Total capital raised: Neither

32.Oliver Cabell

What it is: luxury footwear minus margins

Total capital raised: Neither

33. Pangaya

What it is: a sustainable streetwear brand

Total capital raised: not revealed

34. Pattern Marks

What it is: holding company with multiple brands that sell household items

Total capital raised: $99 million

35. Petlab Co.

What it is: treats, supplements and chews for dogs and cats

Total capital raised: Neither

36. Public Rec

What it is: clothing retailer that focuses on casual and sportswear

Total capital raised: $500,000

37. rowan

What it is: ear piercings with accessories for sale

Total capital raised: $34.3 million

38. Splendid Spoon

What it is: plant-based smoothies, soups, cereal bowls and noodles

Total capital raised: $20 million

39. Spot & Tango

What it is: dog food delivery service

Total capital raised: $57 million

40. State and freedom

What it is: athletic formal wear for men

Total capital raised: Neither


What it is: products for fertility, pregnancy, urinary tract infections and candidiasis

Total capital raised: $6.4 million


What it is: prescription safety glasses

Total capital raised: $40 million

43. Supergut

What it is: shakes that improve metabolic health, mood, sleep and energy

Total capital raised: $8.2 million

44. The Honey Pot Company

What it is: plant-based feminine care products

Total capital raised: not revealed

45. The Normal Brand

What it is: lifestyle brand selling rugged Midwestern-inspired men’s and women’s clothing

Total capital raised: Neither

46. ​​Three Wishes Cereal

What it is: cereals high in protein and low in sugar

Total capital raised: not revealed

47. Real work

What it is: professional and commercial workwear

Total capital raised: not revealed

48. Wandering Bear Cafe

What it is: cold beer in box

Total capital raised: not revealed

49. Win Brand Group

What it is: holding company with brands selling outerwear, housewares and candles

Total capital raised: $90 million

50. Wolf and Shepherd

What it is: men’s dress shoes made with technology found in running shoes

Total capital raised: not revealed

Source: news.google.com