Bloomingdale’s collaborates with non-expendable clothing to launch ultra-rare Web3 fashion collection

Celebrating the Spring Summer 2023 campaign theme The Future is Beautiful and looking to the future of fashion, Bloomingdale’s is collaborating with Non-Fungible Clothing, a web3 native fashion brand that aims to revolutionize the future of fashion in modern luxury through technology.

The two will jointly launch an ultra-limited edition of 150 blockchain-enabled T-shirts that will be available at Bloomingdale’s in The Dubai Mall. For its official launch on January 26, 2023, Bloomingdale’s will host a month-long innovative web3 fashion activation in-store. The pop-up will unveil the collection and feature a truly immersive VR experience allowing visitors to try on the jersey’s virtual twin in their personalized metaverse.

Jumy, Trillionaire Thugs and Hybrid Meta, three renowned brands in the NFT space are also contributing to the collaboration with their web3 experience. Technology-wise, each jersey is tokenized as NFT on the polygon blockchain, to verify authenticity and enable traceability. Owners can scan a unique NFC tag embedded in the jersey with their phones to claim full ownership of their wearable NFTs in the metaverse and become official members of the Non-Fungible Clothing web3 community.

The brand also integrated its garments with augmented reality technology, activating a personalized 3D virtual animation upon scanning.

Priced at AED 999, the NFT-backed shirts will be available for purchase in the men’s department located on the second floor of Bloomingdale’s, The Dubai Mall on January 26, as well as online at