LOOK: LeBron’s viral Instagram post

LeBron James made a post on Instagram recently that went viral with almost two million likes. James is entering his fifth season with the Los Angeles Lakers next season, and he will turn 38 during the year. At 37, he was still one of the top 10 players in the world last season and averaged […]

The rise and fall of the latest ‘meme remix’

Little miss iron deficiency. Mr. Sexually Confused. Little miss too obsessed with stranger things. Mr. Mommy’s problems. little miss seasonal depression Sounds familiar? If not, you’ve missed the Little Miss/Mr. Men’s meme wave, which probably makes you feel like the little miss spends a fair amount of time on social media. The latest meme trend: […]

How long is COVID infectious? What scientists know so far

It is difficult to measure how long a person with COVID-19 will remain infectious.Credit: Agustin Marcarian/Reuters/Alamy When the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cut the recommended isolation time for people with COVID-19 in half to five days in December, they said the change was motivated by science. . Specifically, the CDC said […]

These 22 Viral TikTok Products Always Win Me Praise

As someone who is unabashedly very active on social media (okay, maybe a little embarrassed), I’ve come to realize that there are a variety of fashion and beauty products that go viral. As someone who reads hundreds of reviews before making a purchase, I am hard to please. So when it comes to viral products, […]