10 Controversial Beauty Trends That Will Rule 2023

Fadul believes that this year, consumers will shop smarter, finally focusing on quality over quantity. “People want to invest in better products with scientific formulas that really work and get away from fad ingredients,” says Fadul. He also sees that skin care extends to body care with beauty routines that pamper the entire body, “with […]

Dwayne Betts on Beauty, Prison, and Redaction

0:37 Intro. [Recording date: January 5, 2023.] Russ Roberts: Today is January 5th, 2023 and my guest is poet and lawyer, Dwayne Betts. He is the creator of the Freedom Reads Project, an initiative to install curated micro-libraries of 500 books in prisons across the country, a project we spoke about on his first appearance. […]

A natural look to brighten up winter days | Beauty

youthree weeks into January and putting on makeup still feels laborious. Therefore easy and natural is ideal. That said, “natural” is entirely subjective; For some, natural is a face full of makeup: contour, powder, fakes, the works. For those with a minimalist outlook, here’s the tip. A primer or concealer that feels and, when applied, […]

PSYCARE: The Rise of a New Beauty Category

“As mental health issues increasingly affect consumers around the world, PSYCARE will eventually become a beauty category of its own,” He says Michael Nolte, Senior Creative Director at Beautystreamsadding: “In the beauty industry, we have the unique opportunity to bring moments of joy and tranquility into the lives of many people.” Consumers will continue to […]