Ancient viral DNA in the human genome protects against infections

Viral DNA in human genomes, embedded there from ancient infections, serves as an antiviral that protects human cells against certain current viruses, according to new research. The article, “Evolution and antiviral activity of a human protein of retroviral origin,” published Oct. 28 in Science, provides proof-of-principle for this effect. Previous studies have shown that fragments […]

The Talk: La Crosse virus is the second most common virus in the US spread by mosquitoes, and it can cause severe neurological damage in rare cases

La Crosse disease is the second most prevalent mosquito-borne virus in the country. According to the CDC, West Nile virus accounts for more than 90% of annual viral infections from mosquito or tick bites, with La Crosse being the next most prevalent with approximately 2% of mosquito-borne or tick-borne viral infections annually, or between 50 […]

Prepare for a triple wave of seasonal viruses

every year is the same. As soon as it starts to get cold, people gather inside. The windows are closed. Commuters forego walking or biking in favor of crowded buses and subways. Our entire world withdraws to where it is hot, our breath condenses on the windows of homes, offices, schools and transport, showing how […]

A Brief History of Viral Music on the Internet

(Credit: Far Out/Sam Fender/Press YouTube/Eyestetix Studio) Music Thu Nov 10, 2022 19:00 GMT A few months ago, there were a number of musicians who publicly complained about being pressured by record labels to try to make their new songs trend on TikTok. As Halsey tearfully explained: “Basically, I have a song that I love and […]

Hepatitis C protein structure reveals viral vulnerabilities

take a look The researchers determined the structure of key hepatitis C virus proteins bound to three neutralizing antibodies. The findings provide new insights into how the virus invades cells and could inform the development of vaccines or antiviral therapies. Hepatitis C is one of the leading causes of long-term liver disease and liver cancer. […]