PSYCARE: The Rise of a New Beauty Category

As mental health issues increasingly affect consumers around the world, PSYCARE will eventually become a beauty category of its own,” He says Michael Nolte, Senior Creative Director at Beautystreamsadding: “In the beauty industry, we have the unique opportunity to bring moments of joy and tranquility into the lives of many people.

Consumers will continue to prioritize mental health

As a response to the “permanent crisis”, consumers are looking for beauty and personal care that offer a deeper experience and that goes beyond the aesthetic, amplifying the effects of the time they dedicate to themselves. They are interested in beauty products and routines that can improve their well-being, improve their psychological health, address stress, and calm a racing mind. According to a survey published in January 2022, when asked “what areas will be important to you in the next 12 months?” the most common answer was “mental well-being”, chosen by 65% ​​of the respondents. Meanwhile, “stress management/relaxation/sleep” was the fourth most popular response, highlighted by 59% of respondents.

This prioritization of mental health is translating into a holistic approach to beauty., as brands actively seek to improve the mood and spirit of consumers. The brands take advantage of treatments that are based on ancestral and holistic medicine, such as adaptogenic herbs or being inspired by the phases of the moon, to create a feeling of well-being and rootedness in the body itself.

Loneliness is also being transformed from a taboo topic into a problem that is being directly addressed, whether through deliberately building a community around a brand or crafting scents that can have a positive impact on one’s emotional state. . Beauty routines are a powerful ally to help perpetually distracted consumers focus on themselves, through rituals and self-care treatments that create a moment of relaxation.

Psychedelic microdoses: the new frontier of well-being?

In an attempt to interweave the aesthetic, physical and psychological spheres, beauty brands are emphasizing treatments and products that calm both body and mind. These concepts are often based on traditional remedies and ancient wisdom, thus linking the consumer, and the brand, to something larger that transcends time, that has resonance beyond the individual. Depending on the inclination adopted, this can bring an almost spiritual dimension to a treatment, creating a sense of healing on all levels.

One potential source of that emotional support is psychedelics, which are creating a stir in mental health for their potential in treating countless psychological conditions. There is also room for them to make their way to beauty and well-being.

Demand for PSYCARE will boost all beauty categories

From skin and personal care, through color cosmetics, men’s grooming and fragrances to hair care, all beauty categories will be driven by the PSYCARE movement in the coming years, confirming the essential social role of the beauty industry.

More than just a superficial correction, makeup and hair color are important factors that contribute to mental well-being. Color can directly affect our brains, and the concept of “dopamine color”, already all the rage in fashion and interior design, will also increasingly find its way into beauty color categories. For many consumers, applying makeup or coloring their hair is becoming a conscious self-care routine.

Skin and personal care will continue to evolve towards wellness rituals. While the categories are expected to remain functional and results-oriented for the most part, consumers will also use them as a vehicle for momentary premium skin and body rituals on weekends and special occasions to celebrate wellness. or simply to forget about your stressful worries. live for a moment.

The role of fragrance is also gradually evolving. Whereas previously, comparable to fashion, the primary functions of fine fragrance were self-expression and social status, in recent years the role of fragrance has evolved towards moments of well-being and psychological well-being. This explains the growing demand for home fragrances and niche fragrance brands. Nowadays, flaunting social status through fashion or perfume is considered indelicate. The new essential functions of premium perfumes are to feel in harmony with oneself and to promote mental well-being and self-confidence.