I tried the foam tips with my AirPods Pro 2 and they made a huge difference

Although I’ve spent years trying out the best wireless earbuds, I never thought that swapping silicone ear tips for another type would have such a big impact on the way I consume wireless audio. Everything you need comes included with your headphones when you purchase, including several pairs of silicone ear tips. Sometimes you also have a selection of foam ear tips to choose from, but I wouldn’t mind betting most of us default to the silicone variety as this is usually the type that fits.

The AirPods Pro 2 don’t come with foam ear tips, but I recently bought a pair to test and was impressed with the audio and comfort benefits I discovered.

Foam tips installed on AirPods

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noticeably better sound

The foam tips are designed to channel sound directly into your ears, giving the soundscape an immersive presence, while keeping ambient noise out. Those with detailed hearing may notice a stronger bass presence. Others may find the sound neutral. Every listener’s ear will be different.

Some forum users on audio enthusiast sites like Head-Fi claim that the foam tips bring out more bass. My tests saw a minor boost in bass when listening to EDM, hip-hop, and rock tracks.

The movies made a bigger impression. Air effects and explosions sounded more authentic. I would have loved the tips to improve the acoustics, but the fact that they retained the vocal quality was impressive.

AirPods Pro Foam Ear Tips Color Options

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Comfortable pads for your ears

The spongy, expandable material used to make foam tips molds to the shape of your ear canal, essentially creating your own custom tips. The silicone tips do not do this, nor do they have a solid barrier preventing the sound port and socket from pressing on your ears.

The foam tips have superior cushioning that relieves concha pain and wicks moisture much better for an optimal fit.

I’ve been using foam tips with some of the best running headphones, including the AirPods Pro 2, which have provided a surprisingly positive running experience. Apple’s new ear tips kit reduces slippage by forming a tighter seal around the ear. However, ADV’s foam tips demonstrate greater grip control and sweat absorption.

Plus, JLab’s Cloud Foam tips, included with Epic Air Sport ANC (2nd Gen), kept buds in place during outdoor runs.

The foam tips have also increased my casual listening time. My pain threshold for wearing headphones is usually around 2-3 hours before fatigue sets in. Using foam tips has brought that up to 5 hours.

Better noise isolation

Some people find noise canceling headphones uncomfortable due to the pressure caused by active noise canceling (ANC) technology.

Foam tips are an excellent alternative that passively reduce noise to a higher level than silicone tips. The material fills in the gaps where ambient sound could creep into the soundscape. I recently started using the Sony WF-1000XM4 (I totally forgot they come with foam tips) and found the buttons useful for turning down external sounds with ANC turned off. The sounds of the landscape were silent from my balcony. Even indoor interruptions, like loud TVs and my son’s screaming, were reduced a bit.

ANC is still the best option for cutting out ambient sounds. But if ANC isn’t for you, the foam tips do a formidable job of preventing distracting noise from the environment from reaching your ears, as well as preventing sound from leaking out of the buds and disturbing others.

AirPods Pro 2 with orange foam tips

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Improve the health of your ear

Concerned about earwax buildup? Foam tips will help mitigate the problem. According to Dr. Jason Abramowitz, headphones “affect airflow in the ear canal, which can lead to wax buildup.” Also, earphones push earwax deeper into the canal, which blocks the ear canal and affects hearing. Brands like Comply have developed something called WaxGuard, which is said to prevent earwax and debris from entering the sound port to keep the sound path clear.

AirPods equipped with foam pads placed on top of the iPhone

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Foam Tips vs. Silicone Tips: Which Is Right For You?

There are pros and cons to each type of eartip. Silicone tips are easier to clean and last longer, but they slip easily and create an uncomfortable suction sensation when attached to the ears. The performance and portable enhancements that foam tips offer make them the ultimate true wireless plugin.

If you’re looking for a new way to get more out of your wireless headphones, I highly recommend purchasing foam tips. You can buy a set for as low as $18, depending on the buds you own.

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Where to buy foam eartips

Foam ear cushions can be found for several different models of headphones. Check out these links below to find foam ear cushions designed to fit some of our favorite headphones.

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