11 viral TikTok gifts for everyone on your 2022 list

The best gift for people who love entertainment. Wooden board for butter boards Price: $–$$$ Forget a charcuterie board: the newest thing is a butter board. If you’re buying for a friend who loves to entertain, a wooden butter board makes a great gift. Along with the board, only a few other ingredients are required […]

Ancient viral DNA in the human genome protects against infections

Viral DNA in human genomes, embedded there from ancient infections, serves as an antiviral that protects human cells against certain current viruses, according to new research. The article, “Evolution and antiviral activity of a human protein of retroviral origin,” published Oct. 28 in Science, provides proof of principle for this effect. Previous studies have shown […]

Viral vs Bacterial Infection: What’s the Difference?

Both viral and bacterial infections can make you sick. Symptoms of viral and bacterial infections can range from mild to severe. Without treatment, some can even be life-threatening. A viral infection is an illness caused by a virus. Common viral infections include COVID-19, influenza (flu), and chicken pox. Bacterial infections are caused by bacteria. These […]

Innate metabolic responses against viral infections

Shehata, H. M. et al. Sugar or Fat? Metabolic requirements for immunity to viral infections. Front Immunol. 8, 1311 (2017). Article  PubMed  PubMed Central  Google Scholar  Stepanova, M., Lam, B., Younossi, Y., Srishord, M. K. & Younossi, Z. M. Association of hepatitis C with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in US general population: the […]

Substantial differences in soil viral community composition within and among four Northern California habitats

To compare soil viral community composition within and between terrestrial habitats on a regional scale, viromes were generated from 34 near-surface (top 15 cm) soil samples, with a total of 30 viromes included in ecological analyses. downstream (see Supplementary Methods). The analyzed viromes were collected from four distinct habitats (wetlands, grasslands, chaparral scrub, and forests, […]