Lifestyle factors that improve symptoms in children

Stimulant medications and behavioral therapy are considered first-line treatments for ADHD in children, but caregivers know that multimodal treatment plans work best to alleviate symptoms. What does “multimodal” look like in real life? In a recent ADDitude survey of nearly 1,000 webinar attendees, about 50% said that stimulants and/or non-stimulants have “most ameliorated their children’s […]

How to manage ankylosing spondylitis with lifestyle changes

ankylosing spondyloarthritis (AS) causes inflammation of the joints and ligaments of the spine (connective tissue); its symptoms range from mild and occasional to severe and chronic. In severe cases, and as the condition progresses, it can limit mobility as the bones of the spine fuse together and impact other organs in the body. There is […]

NOTICIAS NO REALES: Una mirada a lo que no sucedió esta semana

Un resumen de algunas de las historias e imágenes más populares pero completamente falsas de la semana. Ninguno de estos es legítimo, a pesar de que se compartieron ampliamente en las redes sociales. The Associated Press los revisó. Aquí están los hechos: ___ El equipo electoral de Arizona fue certificado antes de los exámenes parciales […]