Viral video shows Texas Waffle House’s ‘Avenger’ deflector chair

A Texas Waffle House employee went viral for her “Avenger” skills when she knocked over a chair during a fight at the restaurant. Video of the fight traveled the internet and Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter even weighed in on the madness.

Waffle House isn’t just known for its breakfast food. From time to time it will trend on social media due to the shenanigans that go on inside. Last week, the Waffle House in Austin became the topic of conversation after someone filmed a fight that broke out between employees and customers, in which one of the customers threw a chair at an employee.

Many people on TikTok posted the videos online, calling the woman “Avenger.” Carter, who played Wonder Woman in 1975, tweeted on December 29, 2022 about the incident, joking that she trained for her chair scene in Wonder Woman at the Waffle House.

Twitter user Wallstreet_Ray, who posted images of the confrontation and a screenshot of his phone, claimed that the incident occurred in September 2021.

I’ve been sitting on this gold for over a year, anyone saying it’s from last week is limit! 🧢

— Wallstreet_Ray (@rbaylor_74) December 28, 2022

You can watch the full video here (explicit language is used in the video).

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In a YouTube video, the woman who diverted the chair claimed that Waffle House blacklisted her and that she “cannot work at Waffle House ever again.” The woman, who only revealed her first name, Haile, said she has worked at Waffle House. intermittently for four years.

According to Haile, he said that she was very busy that night and the restaurant was understaffed. She said the women in the video were trying to sit in an enclosed section. Haile said she ignored them and focused on other customers. Women kept coming to the counter asking for drinks and service, but Haile said she refused to serve them until they lined up and waited for free tables.

“I was telling them that I was going to kick them out because they were being rude. I’m not going to cook food for them, they are being rude to me,” he said in the video.

That’s when customers started climbing over the counter and trying to fight her off, Haile said. That’s when the viral fight occurred. Haile said the fight actually took place long before she went viral last week. While she did not reveal when it happened, she said she has been unable to work at the location after she was blacklisted a few months ago. But Haile said that she made it clear that she still loves the company, regardless of how it ends.

You can watch the YouTube video below: