Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas make their first fashion industry investment in luxury sportswear brand Perfect Moment

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas invest in luxury sportswear brand Perfect Moment.

Courtesy of Perfect Moment

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas have made their first investment in the fashion industry in luxury fashion and sportswear brand, Perfect Moment. The brand born in Chamonix in 1979, created for extreme sports runners, has become a luxury sportswear brand that has become an iconic staple in winter clothing. Perfect Moment’s rise in popularity came from an emphasis on making women’s clothing both fashionable and functional for skiing and surfing. This is the first time the couple have been part of a business partnership within the fashion industry, combining their business backgrounds and passion for skiing and the outdoors. Having used the brand for years, Chopra Jonas and Jonas are loyal fans of the Perfect Moment brand. The power couple, who share the same spirit as Perfect Moment, will play a significant role in the brand as it expands its global presence to enter new markets in Asia and the Middle East, and continues to grow in its largest markets, including the United Kingdom. United. and the United States.

Perfect Moment has become known for its fashion combined with functional outerwear.

Courtesy of Perfect Moment

In 2010, Jane and Max Gottschalk took ownership of the brand and developed the feature into the worlds of skiing and surfing. They were responsible for renewing the brand in high fashion markets along with influencer marketing that created a cult following for their iconic ski suits. Perfect Moment collections combine the extreme demands of nature with the world of fashion and can be found at Selfridges, Net-A-Porter, Matches, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and FWRD. Chopra Jonas and Jonas had been avid consumers of the brand for the past few years. While Chopra Jonas didn’t grow up around ski culture when she met Jonas, he introduced her to her lifestyle and she fell instantly in love with it. Part of what she loved was the fashion that came with the culture that included Perfect Moment. “When I grew up in India, I wasn’t exposed to ski culture and I didn’t understand what that culture was like. Nick and I loved the mountain culture, but I didn’t ski until I met him. I really enjoyed the clothes more than the actual skiing. I indulged in a lot of ski wear and most of those items were Perfect Moment,” she shared.

Co-founder and creative director of Perfect Moment, Jane Gottschalk.

jane gottschalk

The opportunity for the Jonas to invest in Perfect Moment happened organically. Last year, the Gottschalks and the Jonas sat down together for dinner in London, the couples sharing their natural love of skiing and, of course, Perfect Moment. That led to a natural conversation about how Chopra Jonas and Jonas could get more involved in the brand as advisers and investors. “Having Priyanka and Nick as investors was a no-brainer as we grow the brand to expand into new markets like the Middle East and Asia. We are truly excited to be able to collaborate with them on their business and creative experience as we reach new audiences,” shared Jane Gottschalk.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas in Perfect Timing.

Courtesy of Perfect Moment.

One of Chopra Jonas’s original draws to the brand was not having to choose between looking amazing and performing at the highest level, “to me, it’s a consumer need that Perfect Moment not only understands, but is embedded in the spirit of this trade mark. I am proud to be a strategic investor and advisor to such a bold and pioneering company.” Her husband, Jonas, echoed that sentiment: “Perfect Moment hits the mark on how style and performance go hand in hand. This is my first choice and in our role we believe that other ski and surf enthusiasts around the world will appreciate the fashion and function of this brand.”

In addition to reaching new audiences, Gottschalk plans to collaborate with Jonas to bring back the emphasis on menswear at Perfect Moment. “For the past decade, we’ve focused primarily on womenswear, but we also want to bring menswear back to the forefront with Jonas’ help.” In the coming year, the brand hopes to expand into new retailers and markets while adding new verticals.