My Summer Beauty Routine Is Brand New: 23 Products I Love

I have talked about myself signature beauty look over and over again: that red lip, winged eyes, matte foundation, retro vibe I’m (to me) famous for. If it’s not obvious yet, I’m not really deviating from it, but things have seriously changed for me this year. I’m doing things to my face that I never dreamed of! Granted, it’s nothing drastic for anyone else but me, but wearing a nude lip or a simple gloss is basically the same as someone who’s never done anything to their hair before suddenly dyes it bright blue. It’s a big change for my red lipstick obsessed self! Who is she?

Aside from my lip game, I’ve embraced other things, like lighter coverage foundations, using multipurpose sunscreen, and using fruity and floral perfumes instead of gourmet desserts. Is this the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or is it me, I gasp, opening my mind (and my beauty cabinet) to new horizons?

Thing is, even though I’ve found products (and makeup looks) that I love and work for me, I still enjoy trying new things (it has to come with work as a beauty editor), and it paid off. My skin is in its best shape. I’ve had fewer breakouts, my skin texture is smooth and fantastic, and I even see fewer fine lines (even though I’m really late for a Botox appointment).

If you’re looking for new summer beauty products, I’ve got tons of recommendations for you from every category. Keep scrolling for my all-new summer beauty routine, containing 23 products, from acne primers and sunscreens to a must-have spray for chest pimples and the medium coverage foundation I can’t stop wearing.