LeBron James shares hilarious reaction to Steph Curry’s viral celebration

Steph Curry put every opponent to sleep during the 2022 playoffs. Steph took out anyone who got in her way and took home her fourth ring and her first Finals MVP award. Throughout the playoffs, Steph held a “Night Night” celebration whenever he was about to eliminate his opponent. Since then, the celebration has become popular and is featured in all sports everywhere, both at the professional and youth levels.

A recent iteration of Steph’s celebration went viral, when a young cooper took it to new heights. Instead of just doing the “Night, night” gesture, this player took a jump shot from the baseline and then literally went to sleep on the court:

While Steph admits the celebration wasn’t premeditated, but something that occurred to her on the spur of the moment during the playoffs, it has become incredibly popular across sports. Steph shared his reaction to the viral video, which prompted a response from LeBron James shortly after:

Rivals on the court, Steph and LeBron have shown a lot of respect for each other off the court in recent years. While their paths haven’t crossed in the playoffs since 2018, their rivalry defined 2010 in many ways, meeting in the Finals every year from 2015-2018. While their two teams are currently on different trajectories, with Golden State fresh off a championship and the Lakers fresh out of the playoffs, there is some hope that a rivalry can be reignited with some offseason moves for the Lakers.

For now, LeBron is enjoying the celebration of Steph taking the sports world by storm.

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Source: www.si.com