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You may be surprised, but some of our everyday things were invented for sports.

What things became fashionable through sport

As early as the 19th century, fashion was influenced by sport. Many items of athletes’ clothing were later incorporated into people’s wardrobes. For example, clothing attributes such as tailcoats, top hats, breeches, and gloves became fashionable through equestrian sports, which became popular in the late 19th century.

The first Wimbledon tournament was held in Great Britain in 1887. At that time, women played in long dresses and hats. But when tennis player Suzanne Lenglen took to the court in the 1920s wearing a pleated skirt just below the knee, a headscarf and a short-sleeved T-shirt, she sparked a veritable revolution not only in tennis but also in tennis. Fashion. And 10 years later, the French tennis player René Lacoste founded his own company for the production of tennis shirts. Today, it is a brand with a worldwide reputation, producing clothing, shoes and accessories.

Many clothes also come from sports. Leggings, for example, come from yoga, jumpsuits from winter sports, and singlets from wrestling.

Sporty style in high fashion and in everyday life.

In the 20th century, an active lifestyle required appropriate clothing, and many manufacturers began to rethink fashion trends. The first of the fashion designers to adopt a sporty style was Coco Chanel. “I myself invented the tracksuit; not because other women did sports, but because I did it,” Chanel told her friend.

The fashion designer loved various sports – golf, skiing, sailing, hunting, equestrian sports – and was also well versed in sports fashion. In 1913, he launched a collection of sportswear for women that allowed them to move freely. The collection impressed other fashion designers who later began to pay special attention to the sporty style. Today, sports collections are available in almost all fashion houses in the world.

In footwear, the sneaker craze began in 1921 when Converse launched a special line of Chuck Taylor All-Star basketball shoes. The basketball player became a brand ambassador. He was already wearing “Converse” in 1917, when the line was called simply All-Star, but thanks to his ideas and his participation in the advertising campaign, not only athletes, but people from all over the world began to wear sneakers.

How athletes can influence the popularity of fashion

Most brands get their popularity through advertising contracts with celebrities. Today, for example, almost all famous athletes have contracts with fashion houses and the main manufacturers of clothing and footwear. An army of millionaire fans is ready to buy the collections promoted by the athletes, which significantly increases the revenue of the brands.

One of the most successful examples is the contract between basketball player Michael Jordan and Nike, which they signed in 1984. Nike lured Jordan with a large sum of $500,000 a year. This resulted in the Air Jordan trainers, which are still popular today and earned the former basketball player over a billion dollars.