Will bamboo, apple, and chebula be the natural beauty ingredients that will star in 2023?

The enthusiasm of the cosmetic industry for natural ingredients does not seem to wane! After prickly pear and rice, two of 2022’s essential beauty allies, here are three new ingredients that will become next year’s essentials.

Bamboo for a hydration boost

Bamboo is not unknown in the cosmetic sector, but interest in this plant is growing as we approach 2023, and for many reasons. Bamboo, and more precisely the natural silica it contains, has multiple benefits for the skin. It can be found in beauty as a hydrosol or hydrosol to deeply nourish dry and dehydrated skin, and is also favored for its regenerative power. This property makes it essential in anti-aging treatments, either to help maintain skin firmness or to fight wrinkles and expression lines.

Bamboo is a great beauty companion thanks to its ability to meet the needs of almost all skin types, as it is also beneficial for combination to oily skin thanks to its mattifying power. It’s even good for damaged hair and nails, and in powdered form it can help combat excessive perspiration.

apple for anti aging

The many health benefits of the fruit crisp are well known. Recently, the apple has made a foray into fashion, emerging as a potential alternative to animal fur. And now it’s making its way into cosmetics, set to land in 2023, thanks to its anti-aging virtues and other benefits for the skin.

Rich in polyphenols and quercetin, apples promise to act on the various signs of skin aging, starting with sagging, reduced firmness and wrinkles. But that is not all. Apple could also act on the renewal of the skin, and protect it from future attacks from external factors, such as pollution, for example, while nourishing dry skin. As in many cosmetics, the fruit, used in association with other natural ingredients, could even be an ally for combination skin that suffers from excess sebum.

Chebula, a versatile wonder

Known in Ayurvedic medicine, chebula It can go by many names, such as chebulic myrobalan or haritaki, and is considered a miracle ingredient in some countries and regions, including India and Tibet, due to its myriad benefits. According to Ayurveda, it has anti-inflammatory virtues that are beneficial for both the skin and the body, not to mention anti-aging properties that make it effective in smoothing and firming the skin and making it more elastic. This is due to its high antioxidant content.

In addition, this versatile ingredient could contribute to strengthening and rebuilding the skin barrier, helping to protect it against certain external factors, while deeply moisturizing the skin. These virtues are already conquering people from all over the world, according to the latest report from online cosmetics specialist, Beauty Pie. It reports that chebula is one of the strongest trends in skincare in 2023, with an unprecedented 922% jump in Google search volume for one year. Be careful with this essential beauty ally in the coming months.

Source: news.google.com