What fashion week looks like in the metaverse

Gaubert also warns brands not to rush into metaverse experiences. “The fact that Hugo Boss, Balenciaga and Burberry are on board is great for raising awareness, but there is still a bit of a gap around education and adoption.”

Even the event’s technology partners are warning brands not to just “close their eyes and join in,” as Threedium CEO Mike Charalambous puts it. “Brands need a long-term strategy, even if they do it with a short-term goal. Usually for brands that don’t have metaverse experiences or metaverse DNA, we suggest starting small and doing a couple of wearables on Decentraland to see the process and what they look like, because it’s not exactly super hyper-photorealistic design. . We don’t want them to create anything that could tarnish the value of the brand, and there are a lot of touchy things to worry about.”

There is also concern that smaller brands, with smaller budgets than the big houses, may not have the resources or incentives to participate. “I am always supportive of innovation and a strong believer in the promise of democratic digital experiences; however, I will be watching to see how democratic they are,” says Liam Osbourne, global client partner at Flux, the fashion division of the digital production company. Media monks. For example, he says, “Does it stand out and highlight emerging talent or is it just dominated by the big players? Who and how are the models selected? If it’s just replicating what happens in the real world, it’s less interesting to me.”

Digital front rows and closed after parties, he adds, could replicate barriers to entry that mimic the physical world. “It would be great to see what the rules of access are that aren’t the traditional levers of wealth or proximity to power. Everyone is talking about the massive value of digital assets, and it is operating in a sphere that is difficult for the average person to engage with.”

While some technology partners shared some brand names unofficially, so far, the brands are hesitant to formally announce their involvement. Al Dente is not aware of any client brands that have confirmed their involvement, says Roumegous. “However, we will be very attentive to brand initiatives during this event. It will be very interesting to see which designers and creative minds from the fashion industry will participate.”

Though Al Dente patrons aren’t ready to broadcast their involvement, Roumegous adds a reminder that that could change. “A lot can happen in a few weeks, so we have to be vigilant!”

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