Viral TikTok for Kids “It’s Corn” Is a Song You Can Stream for a Fantastic Time

Videos go viral every day, but only the internet’s most enduring moments are remixed into official songs. The “It’s Corn” kid definitely qualifies as the latter, and now Tariq has a hit to remind you exactly how great the “big knobby lump” really is. If anything “has the juice,” it’s the kid’s viral TikTok “It’s Corn” transformed into a song that could be an unexpected fall hit.

You may have thought you’ve already heard a performance of “It’s Corn,” which you probably did on the @schmoyoho TikTok channel, but 22 seconds isn’t enough to capture Tariq’s true love for corn. Fortunately, The Gregory Brothers (the comedy team behind the @schmoyoho TikTok account), have teamed up with Recess Therapy to release a nearly 3-minute song titled, of course, “It’s Corn.” If you’re wondering why you should be excited about a song about the shelled cob, let me tell you about the corn enthusiast who took the internet by storm with his ode to the vegetable.

As the “about” section of the Recess Therapy YouTube channel explains, the series hosted by comedian Julian Shapiro-Barnum focuses on “little kids, big questions, free advice,” which means it’s a goldmine for some. highly quotable quotes. Tariq was featured in the channel’s video on August 4, titled “The CEO of Corn,” and his pure love for vegetables has made its way onto the internet.

In the video, Tariq memorably stated that his love for corn began when he was “told corn was real.” And she added that when she “tried it with butter, everything changed!” (#Relatable.)

Tariq went on to wax poetic about the corn, including how it “has the juice,” the part that “mainly makes [him] like corn.” You can watch the full video here if you’re interested in smiling for 1 minute and 35 seconds straight.

Once you’ve caught up (or rewatched it for the umpteenth time), head over to Spotify or Apple Music to play The Gregory Brothers, Tariq and Recess Therapy’s “It’s Corn,” which premiered on August 2. 28. For the full effect, you can watch the music video with clips from Tariq’s two interviews about, yes, corn, on the schmoyoho YouTube channel. (Tariq’s second Recess Therapy interview includes a can’t-miss corn dance.)

If you haven’t fully ventured into the world of Tariq’s love of corn, you’ve definitely missed a few kernels from Corn’s own CEO (what, it’s just a pun on corn, okay?). Don’t worry, Tariq’s tips on taking a corn break and how “butter spreads the good flavor” make their way into the official tune “It’s Corn,” the proceeds of which are split between Tariq and his family, according to a statement. of August 29. Recess Therapy Instagram post.

End the summer with the sweetest viral video and start the fall with a new theme about corn, as Tariq says: “I can’t imagine anything more beautiful!”.

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