Antibodies to combat viral infections: development strategies and progress

Köhler, G. & Milstein, C. Continuous cultures of fused cells secreting antibody of predefined specificity. Nature 256, 495–497 (1975). PubMed  Article  Google Scholar  Mullard, A. FDA approves 100th monoclonal antibody product. Nat. Rev. Drug Discov. 20, 491–495 (2021). CAS  PubMed  Article  Google Scholar  Behring, E. V. & Kitasato, S. Über das Zustandekommen der Diphtherie-Immunität und […]

Internet Explorer tombstone goes viral in South Korea

SEOUL, June 17 (Reuters) – For Jung Ki-young, a South Korean software engineer, Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT.O) decision to withdraw its Internet Explorer web browser marked the end of a love-hate relationship. a quarter of a century with technology. . To commemorate his disappearance, he spent a month and 430,000 won ($330) designing and ordering a […]

What’s going on: viral colds, tick and insect bites

(WHTM) — WellSpan Pediatric Medicine physicians in South Central PA are seeing the following: acute asthma exacerbations, anxiety, seasonal allergies, upper respiratory viral infections including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and many children with multiple viruses. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Roseville Pediatrics is seeing viral colds, allergies, sunburn, tick and insect bites, some COVID […]

Good news about the blocking of a virus considered a global threat

Scientists have reported good news on the pandemic preparedness front: A cocktail of four manufactured antibodies is effective in neutralizing a virus from the Henipavirus family, a group of pathogens considered a threat to global biosecurity. The study focused on protection against a recently identified variant of Hendra virus that, along with Nipah virus, has […]

The best products that have gone viral so far in 2022

No two TikTok FYP are the same. But amid tarot spreads taking over one person’s page and dogs testing enrichment toys on another, one thing is almost guaranteed: a viral product. While some types of viral posts are exclusive to their respective platforms, a ton of products that appeared on TikTok are also popular on […]