Video Of Elderly Couple Dancing Aa Jane Jaan Goes Viral, Internet Is All Heart

The video shows the old couple dancing the night away.

An Instagram video of an elderly couple dancing to the retro hit ‘Aa Jane Jaan’ has gone viral on the internet. Posted by Instagram user Robin Nakai, the couple’s grace and love are stealing hearts all over the internet.

The video shows the old couple dancing the night away. The couple named Birinder and Amarjyot Gill can be seen dancing to Lata Mangeshkar’s hit song. The video will surely melt your heart. The love-filled video shows that they have aged like fine wine.

The video’s caption reads: “A love story…in dance and music.”

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has amassed over a million views. The internet showered the love on her in the comments section.

One user commented: “Legitimate goals! Such a balanced, elegant and dignified couple Reminded me of one of the scenes from Sushmita Sen’s web series – Truly commendable Aarya!”

Another comment read: “Oh, amazing to see an older man in a turban waltzing with his wife who dances so gracefully. Lovely. Looks like he has a military/army/navy background!” “Such an elegant couple… and their love for each other reflected in their dancing,” commented the third.

The fourth commented: “Oh! How beautiful! I loved watching it over and over again. This is Jodi made in heaven. God bless the elegant and lovely couple.”

Meanwhile, another video of an old man energetically dancing for his wife went viral. A short clip posted by an Instagram user, Shruthi Vasudevan, shows a 70-year-old man energetically dancing in a lungi and white vest to the Arabic Kuthi song from the movie ‘The Beast’.

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