UAE On-Demand Home Services Industry Outlook 2022-2026: Changing Consumer Lifestyles and Rising Adoption of Digitally Enabled Services Driving Growth Opportunities –

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The market size is expected to grow at a 5-year CAGR of ~9.7% by 2026.

Increasing growth in the size of the market is anticipated to be driven by an increasing number of service offerings by all markets and service providers, increasing customer awareness of the ease of access to these domestic services through order and the growing e-commerce platforms that provide services to buyers in a short period of time.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the on-demand home services industry by analyzing historical statistics and corresponding developments in the on-demand home services market.

The report covers various aspects including the market size of the on-demand home services industry, market evolution and potential, the ecosystem, a snapshot of the market business model and service providers, market trends and developments. growth, Porter’s 5 forces analysis, rules and regulations, impact of COVID-19, demand drivers, challenges, future trends and industry outlook.

Information on the competitive landscape of the on-demand home services industry and cross-comparison between major players operating in the ecosystem, namely markets and service providers, is also included in the report on the basis of profile company information, service offerings, business USP, booking mode, and qualifications. about apps, customer reviews, cancellation and refund policies, recent development, and social media activity.

The report also covers a case study on one of the major markets in the UAE, its company profile, reasons for expansion into other geographies, business model, cost structure, revenue stream, sales strategies, etc. marketing, customer relationship and key activities.

Overview and size of the UAE on-demand home services market

The UAE’s domestic on-demand service industry is at a nascent stage. The industry had single-digit growth before covid from 2017 to 2019. During COVID, the growth rate of the industry skyrocketed due to growing concern for better hygiene and disinfection. Furthermore, the fear of leaving home led to the emergence of on-demand home services in the United Arab Emirates.

There has been an increase in consumer spending from 2016 to 2021. Internet penetration is also high in the UAE. The adaptation of applications through smartphones and mobile broadband has created emerging consumer-oriented sites and mobile applications of these on-demand home service companies.

Due to the busy schedule of working women, they are unable to take care of their home, which leads to an increase in the demand for home services. Clients look for committed services; therefore, markets began to emerge and reduced the hassle of customers searching for service providers. Also, there are no hidden costs; clients must pay an initial cost for a particular service used.

The UAE government announced by decree in November 2020 that foreign investors can fully own local companies without the need for an Emirati sponsor, this will make it easier for new companies to enter the industry.

UAE On-Demand Home Services Market Segmentation

By Type of Services (Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance, Aesthetics and Others):

Cleaning services represent the highest market share in the year 2021, in terms of number of reservations. Beauty services have the second largest market share. the time consumed to go to a salon along with the waiting time is reduced with on-demand home services.

By Geography (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Others):

Dubai has seized the maximum market share as of 2021. Dubai has the maximum working population, as a result of which domestic on-demand services are in high demand. Abu Dhabi has the second highest market share. People live in big bungalows or villas, therefore they hire full-time helpers or maids.

By implementation (online, offline):

The offline model dominates the market in 2021 as people prefer personalized services, which are not easily available online. People are reluctant to try new service providers or marketplaces that provide on-demand online services.

Competitive Landscape in the UAE Domestic On-Demand Services Industry

The UAE domestic on-demand services industry is highly fragmented with the presence of a large number of service providers and markets. Markets adopt a lease or open market business model. These players compete with each other on the basis of service offerings, quality of service, prices, and brand value.

Many companies have revamped themselves to reflect their position in the market and justify the range of service offerings. The report provides a cross comparison of the major players in the markets as well as the major service providers in the UAE. A detailed case study on “Urban Enterprise” is included in the report.

On-Demand Home Services Industry Demand Analysis

Total addressable addressable and repairable market of the on-demand home services industry as of 2021 Demand drivers and trends in the on-demand home services industry Consumer spending and preferences in the on-demand home services industry order Impact of COVID on demand and user preferences in the -Demand Home Services Industry

Industry analysis of the on-demand home services industry

Trends and developments in the on-demand home services industry Porter’s analysis of the on-demand home services industry Growth drivers of the on-demand home services industry Challenges facing the on-demand home services industry Government Rules and Regulations in the On-Demand Home Services Sector Service Industry Impact of COVID-19 on the On-Demand Home Services Industry Comparison of Pre- and Post-COVID Scenarios

Competitive Landscape in the On-Demand Home Services Industry, 2021

Cross-comparison of leading On-Demand Home Services Markets (Service Market, Justlife, Mr.Usta, Urban Company, Rizek) in terms of Seniority, Key Management, Revenue, Headquarters, Total Employees, USP, Services Offered, Mode of Operation booking, rating, Customer Reviews, cancellation and refund policies, social media presence, discounts, recent developments Total Employees, USP, services offered, mode of booking, rating, customer reviews, cancellation and refund policies, presence on social networks, recent developments Case study on an urban company in terms of company overview, marketing strategies, international expansion, business model, cost structure, sources of income, customer relations and key activities

UAE domestic on-demand service players


Justlife Urban Company ServiceMarket Rizek Mr. Usta

service providers

Hooks and Failures MPlus Elite Maids Helpsters Cleaning Services

Covered in the UAE on-demand domestic services industry

Time period captured in the report:

Historical period: 2017-2021 Forecast period: 2022F-2026F

By type of services

Cleaning Repair and Maintenance Aesthetics Others

By Geography

By implementation

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