Coast Guard Tips for a Safe Boating Summer in New York

Scott Provvidenza loves being on his boat. And on his boat, even his dogs have life jackets. He says he takes water safety very seriously. “On my boat, I take more responsibility for all the other boaters and the people on my boat, and my team. And a lot of unforeseen things can happen quickly,” […]

7 tips on how to prepare for a recession, come or not

Placeholder while article actions load Inflation is at a 40-year high. Interest rates are going up. And gas prices have hit $5 a gallon. The stock market is taking investors on a roller coaster ride of terrifying declines. Even if he hasn’t looked lately, he knows the value of his retirement account has gone down. […]

What happens if you wake up before the alarm goes off?

Waking up minutes or even hours before your alarm isn’t a new phenomenon, sleep experts tell CNN, but it can cause people incredible discomfort. Additional stressors from the ongoing pandemic have exacerbated our collective struggles to sleep. Those who experience insomnia may have a combination of “nocturnal awakenings” and what is classified as “early morning […]

How travelers to Europe can deal with summer chaos

Adding to the turmoil, aviation workers in Europe have gone on strike in recent weeks, demanding better working conditions and higher wages to help ease the burden of runaway inflation. Paris Charles de Gaulle airport canceled more than 100 flights on Thursday after its union announced a strike to demand a monthly wage increase of […]

Do you need a short duration and TIPS? This ETF has both

The rate of inflation rose to 7% during December 2021, highlighting the need for fixed income investors to gain exposure to short-duration Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). Investors are realizing this, and the flow of money into TIPS funds tells the story. 2020 was a strong year for TIPS entries followed by an even better year […]

Which are a better buy?

Serious investors should skip the I bond in favor of higher yielding Treasury-traded debt. Thief in the Night (Photo by Mark Wilson) fake images Personal Finance Experts Love Those Bonds I. Suze Orman: “The #1 investment each and every one of you should have, no matter what.” Burton Malkiel: “Absolutely superb.” Last month, a stampede […]