Tips to keep your New Year’s resolutions for a healthy lifestyle alive

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT)-When Rhiannon Hays set a goal a few years ago to live a healthier lifestyle, she started preparing meals and said she never dreamed she would now be preparing about 1,000 meals a week.

“Of course everyone wants to lose weight, but it’s not that easy. Easier said than done. It’s a lot of work if you want to lose weight, you have to do the work,” said Hays, a personal chef and local business owner.

She said that if you want to lose weight or eat healthier, it should be a lifestyle because diets often turn into crash diets that often involve unrealistic expectations or a popular trend on social media.

“I always come back to unrealistic expectations. Low carb, yes you can eat low carb, but our body runs on carbs, you have to have carbs,” he added. “You can’t go without the carbs. So, a balanced diet and portions. I’m a big fan of portion control.”

Each meal she prepares is served in a 16-ounce container filled with sustainable foods, serving up everything from homemade Greek yogurt to a cheeseburger plate.

“The cheeseburger bowl is one of our most popular dishes. This is one the whole family will love, and we took away the bun, and it has everything you would have in a cheeseburger,” he said.

He also added that every meal we eat is a choice to live a healthier lifestyle or not.

“You can have 2,000 calories of vegetables and protein and lean meats, or you can have 2,000 calories of ice cream and cake. You’re going to gain weight eating ice cream and cakes,” Hays said.

She said that doesn’t mean you can’t have ice cream or cake, it just means moderation is important and planning ahead is always a plus.

“Spending Saturday putting all your food in your bowls and taking your food with you will set you up for success,” he said.

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