The day to day, a lifestyle right now for Maxx Williams

“He’s one of the best blocking tight ends I’ve ever seen or known,” coach Kliff Kingsbury said. “Obviously he can do things in the passing game like you saw last year. After that injury, we want to be smart with how we use him and build on his strengths.

“Hopefully we can get those three guys out on the field at the same time, at some point.”

McBride, who would take Williams’ place in the short term as blocker for the pack, said he learned a lot from Williams, both from the man himself and from watching many movies of the work Williams did last year before the injury. .

Williams got off to the best start of his career, blocking and catching the ball. When his knee buckled to the side against the 49ers, “it was devastating to me at the time.”

“For a couple of days I was pissed off, but what good would that do?” Williams said, before he finally accepted his situation and returned to being who he is, that he is a happy, caring guy who appreciates his life.

“I’m still in the NFL,” he said.

His son, now 5 1/2 months old, who was born in the offseason, helped him through rehab, taking his mind off the ups and downs of the comeback attempt.

His return to the practice field came ahead of schedule, but Williams noted that “we got to the point in rehab where, ‘I need to see if I can play football.'”

He doesn’t need to play in preseason games to be ready, he’s not entering his eighth NFL season, but if it makes sense and the team agrees, he could see himself getting some snaps at some point.

Williams also doesn’t want to talk about the Chiefs.

“It’s how I prepare today,” he said. “I don’t want to rush anything, get ahead of myself, and then things go wrong fast and I look like an idiot in week 2 sitting on the bench because I wasn’t ready.”

There’s one thing Williams was ready to predict after Monday’s practice: The mustache, waxed or not, doesn’t have a long shelf life. He’ll be shaved sooner rather than later, and almost certainly before the rest of his body is ready for a game of football.

“I’m pretty sick of it,” Williams admitted.