The 16 best new beauty products of July 2022, according to the editors

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The weather situation right now is best described as hot, sweaty, and more humid than we thought physically possible. Add those temperatures to the fact that we’re always on the go in the summer, and it’s safe to say that our beauty routines have undergone a major shake-up. Most makeup will literally melt off our skin, there’s no time for a 20-step routine, and our beloved sparkly makeup might be starting to look a little greasy in the heat. But we are not here to complain. Instead, we want to take a moment to profess our love for the new-to-market products that have saved us time and time again in the middle of summer.

From tinted moisturizers that let our skin breathe and easy-to-apply matte bronzers to day-at-the-beach sunscreens, we’ve uncovered a handful of revolutionary beauty products this month. To see what the Marie Claire team has become obsessed with, keep scrolling. We’ve rounded up our favorite beauty releases from July, along with some application tips and tricks, below. (If you’re interested in our favorite June releases or favorite May releases, you can check those out, too.)

best new shampoo

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Olaplex No. 4C Bond Maintenance™ Clarifying Shampoo

“My hair is ridiculously fine and flat, so I’m in a constant battle with oil. Dry shampoo does the job but leaves me with a ton of buildup. It’s an annoying vicious circle. That said, this new Olaplex shampoo has been revolutionary for my hair routine. It removes all the dirt from the texturizers and volumizers in one wash and leaves me with volume that I have literally never experienced. I highly, highly, highly recommend it.” — Samantha Holender, beauty editor

best new cream

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Youth To The People Polypeptide-121 Future Cream with Peptides and Ceramides

“I’m a long time fan of peptides and the introduction of a new pepti product (yes, I have nicknames for my favorites) in my arsenal never gets old. Honestly, the thrill of slowly seeing and feeling my skin appear firmer and smoother grips me every time. This one is great for all skin types – dry, normal, combination, and even oily – and comes in recyclable packaging so you can do it right and feel good.” – Deena Campbell, Beauty Director

best new sunscreen

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NudeStix Nudies Matte Lux

“I have always loved Nudestix matte bronzing sticks, so these new matte blushes were an obvious choice. They come in five shades (all of which I’m currently testing) and provide high-impact color that’s somehow blendable enough for even my busiest mornings. I love the Nude Buff and Juicy Melons shades for a quick flushed look.” – Julia Marzovilla, e-commerce writer

best new cleaner

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Hyper Skin Hyper Even Gentle Brightening Cleansing Gel

“I love this BIPOC-owned brand – all of their products are made with deep skin tones in mind. This particular cleanser uses mandelic acid to gently exfoliate without stripping the skin or aggravating post-acne hyperpigmentation. I have a feeling this cleanser will be my next choice.” Gabrielle Ulubay, Ecommerce Writer

best new lipstick

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MAKEUP FOREVER Rouge Artist For Ever Matte

“If I told you how many lipsticks I have tried throughout my career, your head would spin. But regardless of how many lips I have tried, my go-to formula is always matte. I like high impact with minimal maintenance; I’m not interested in applying a lip color 50 times a day. Okay, fifty times a day sounds lush, but finding one that lasts at least 12 hours without reapplying is hard to find. Enter the new Rouge Artist For Ever Matte from MAKE UP FOR EVER. He is light and so comfortable I forget he is there. And I can get through breakfast and lunch without even thinking about a new request. Pro Tip: Use the slanted end to apply product from the outer corners of your upper lip towards the center. Fill in the lip and repeat on the lower lip.” — DC

best new hair oil

LolaVie Light Hair Oil

“Jennifer Aniston can’t do anything wrong. Her hair brand, LolaVie, is easily my favorite celebrity-founded beauty line. I’ve been continually replenishing Detangling Primer and Conditioning Leave-In for months now, but the latest addition to the line might just be the best of them all. The coconut smell alone is enough to put this product on the list, but it also makes my hair look super shiny.” —SH

best new nail polish

“I’m just a fan of Harry Styles, so I obviously love his brand, Pleasing, and his new summer collection ‘Hot Holiday.’ It includes two new body products plus four new 12-free, biodegradable nail polish shades, one of which is called ‘Nonna’s Sorbet,’ which I find very brand-name.” — JM

best new lip gloss

Bossy Cosmetics Bossy Gloss

“This gloss comes in five long-wearing, bold shades, each named after adjectives for confident, powerful women (ie feisty, unapologetic, purposeful, etc.). Her formula also incorporates vitamin E, so you won’t have to deal with the dreaded dry lips at the end of the day.” – GU

The best new SPF

Humanrace Ozone Protection Set

“In an effort to live my low-maintenance lifestyle this summer, I’ve been looking at multi-purpose products. My best discovery lately has been the Humanrace face and body sunscreens. The SPF for the body is so nourishing that I ditched the body moisturizer entirely, and the SPF for the face also provides blue light protection. An added bonus? Both products do not leave white traces.” —SH

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Lancer Redness Relief Intense With Manuka Honey

“My biggest trigger for rosacea is heat, so you can imagine my skin doesn’t do too well in the summer. While not even a recipe can completely get rid of one of my styles, this moisturizer has done wonders for my redness. With ingredients like centella asiatica extract and manuka honey, the product is able to soothe my inflammation and irritation. I will not travel without him.” —SH

Touchland Power Mist in Beach Coco

“If you’re not a fan of Touchland, chances are it’s just because you haven’t tried it. The hand sanitizers are pocket-sized, adorable, and smell amazing. This new scent is my all-time favorite. It gives off all the beachy, coconut, and vanilla vibes. It’s so good, in fact, that I ditched the perfume altogether.” —SH

best new lip mask

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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Mango

“This cult-favorite lip mascara is certainly not new to the scene, but the mango flavor is, and it’s easily my favorite in the entire line. It has all the benefits of the tried and true formula (hydration! antioxidants!), with a fresh, delicious scent that screams summer. It is a basic of the beach bag”. —SH

best new foundation

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Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Touch

“Thick and heavy foundation in the summer is a no from me. However, on days when I want a little coverage, I have loved this new formula from Chanel. Because it’s 70% water, it feels super light on the skin. I am obsessed with the natural, healthy finish it leaves on my skin too. Through a little mistake, I learned that applying this formula with your fingers or a makeup sponge is not the best way to go. The brush it comes with is a complete game changer and is the secret to flawless, even application.” —SH

best new fragrance

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Ellis Brooklyn Brochure Discovery Set

“This five-piece fragrance sampler has saved me time and time again. Every scent is amazing, so I put a mini-scent in every bag I have. They’re small enough for weekend trips and are the perfect upgrade after a busy morning commute. The set contains Apres, Myth, Bee, Salt and my personal favourite, Sun Fruit.” —SH

best new liquid lipstick

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Urban Decay Vice Lip Bond Liquid Lip Color

“I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay and love the look of these high-shine, pigmented shades, which come in 12 shades including subtle pinks, fluorescent purples, deep browns, and cherry reds. I already know that I will be using the PDA and Raw Footage tones repeatedly until the end of the summer.” – GU

best new highlighter

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Rose Inc Solar Radiance Moisturizing Cream Highlighter

“Nine times out of 10, I reach for a liquid highlighter. But this Rose Inc release has me rethinking just about everything. The cream formula sinks into the skin and leaves behind the softest, most natural glow. My favorite shade of the bunch is easily opalescent, a cool pink, which I’ll also be using as my daytime blush. While you can apply this with your fingers, I’ve found it’s much smoother with a brush.” ​​— SH