RMS Beauty presents Liplights Lip Product – World Water Day

She may have a shiny new lip product, but don’t call Rose-Marie Swift lip gloss girl.

“I’m not,” she said. “Lip glosses seem a bit sticky to me, they are too shiny and sticky to work with. You can’t change them easily and I wanted a product that was a step down from your typical over-the-top shine.”

Swift’s namesake brand, RMS Beauty, is honing in on the veteran makeup artist’s pain point with its latest launch. Called Liplights, the three-in-one lip tint comes in seven shades and retails for $28 and will debut Wednesday on the brand’s website, as well as at The Detox Market, Blue Mercury, Credo, QVC, and Violet Grey.

Given the growth of the brand, expectations for the launch are high. “Our retail partners include Blue Mercury, Credo, QVC and Violet Grey, and they have all grown by triple digits. We’ve seen tremendous growth with those partners,” said David Olsen, chief executive of RMS Beauty, adding that the overall business grew 50 percent last year.

Olsen would not comment on sales of the lip launch, but industry sources expect it to reach $4 million in retail sales in its first year.

The new lip tints include peptides for a volumizing effect, organic cocoa bean butter, shea butter and organic jojoba oil for additional antioxidant and moisturizing benefits. The goal was to put a brighter finish on Swift’s minimalist sensibility. “These are the perfect sisters to our Eyelights, which have done amazing. This hydrates, volumizes and shines,” she said.

They also adjust to the skin’s pH to “give that little benefit to your natural lips,” Swift said.

Olsen said dual-duty products are part of what works for RMS. “If you look at everything Rose-Marie does, she’s multitasking,” she said. “She was on QVC using brow powder on her cheeks. Everything she does has multitasking benefits.”

Swift is the brand’s top influencer, especially given her resume as a makeup artist for celebrities like Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr. Olsen added that focusing more on influencer marketing and investing in out-of-home advertising has also given the brand more traction.

“Professionalizing marketing has also been something we’re focusing on with 360-degree education,” he said, noting that the size of the marketing team has quadrupled since Highlander Partners’ acquisition of the brand in 2021. posts, billboards and we have made many more videos. It’s showing in the results, and we’ve been selling everything: our blush, our foundation, our highlights. We planned pretty aggressively and we destroyed all those plans.”

It is also “ruthless with education”, given the formats of the products. “The brand is not intuitive when you approach it, and that’s because it was created by a makeup artist who uses it the way she thinks it’s best,” he said. “For the consumer it can be a bit confusing, so we’ve made Rose-Marie ruthless about education, empower everyone and make sure education is there.”

The brand is also turning to AR to test a filter on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. “It’s interactive, social and community driven,” Olsen said.

Source: news.google.com