Q&A: UK expert predicts fashion trends in 2023

LEXINGTON, Ky. (January 3, 2023) — Each new year rings with updated trends in health, technology, weather, economics, politics, fashion and much more. UKNow is exploring 2023 by asking experts at the University of Kentucky to predict and discuss upcoming trends in their fields.

Scarlett Wesley, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Retail and Tourism Management in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, shares her predictions for 2023 fashion trends .

You know: What influences fashion trends every year?

Wesley: Right now, social media is having the biggest influence on fashion trends. Literally overnight, someone on social media can gain a huge following, and brands are leveraging working with these influencers to reach audiences. However, we will see a slight decline in spending as inflation grows. This will result in the popularity of second-hand clothing and will encourage people to restyle their closets.

You know: What are your fashion predictions for 2023?

Wesley: The brown color will continue to be a trend as a neutral. We will see that the shades of pink dominate from the soft baby pinks to the strong burgundy and maroon tones. Wide leg pants will continue to be a trend as we carry a larger silhouette into 2023. I believe 2023 will be a year where you use fashion to express your own personal style more than ever before. People choose what works for them and incorporate those fashion choices despite what may seem trendy.

You know: Which fashion trends do you think will remain in 2023 and which ones do you think are disappearing?

Wesley: Wide leg pants and oversized clothing are here for at least the next year. Also the concept of cozy clothing, since we still stay at home more and go out less. What is disappearing are the most restrictive fashions. People more than ever want to feel comfortable. We will continue to see a more muted color palette with calm colors dominating all areas of fashion.

You know: Which decade do you think influenced the fashion trends of 2022 the most?

Wesley: Definitely the 1990s and early 2000s. Elements from these decades have been reinterpreted to appeal to today’s media-savvy consumer.

UK now: What trends has this year seen come back from previous years/decades?

Wesley: We’re seeing fashions from both the 1990s and early 2000s recently, including the popularity of flannel shirts, low-rise jeans, and miniskirts, as well as tailored pieces like vests.

Source: news.google.com