Pretty Well Beauty opens first physical store – World Water Day

Clean wellness and beauty retailer Pretty Well Beauty, which launched in 2019, will open its first brick-and-mortar store in New York City this November, just in time for the holidays. The new store will be located in the Oculus, which attracts 1 million weekly visitors.

The 800-square-foot retail concept, which will be open for one year, will house nearly 50 clean beauty and wellness brands, 60 percent of which are created and founded by BIPOC. They include Holy Curls, Shaz and Kiks, Josh Rosebrook and Anima Mundi, a wellness bestseller. It will also be the exclusive US retail partner for Beautology Lab, Shayde Beauty, FLVC Wellness, Ilera Apothecary, Khali Min, Lhamour, Mama’s Creation Foods, Mango People and Skn/Muse. The store is set up for holiday convenience with gift wrapping, curated packages and shipping services.

Brands sold at Pretty Well Beauty include Palermo, Odièle, and MFlorens.

Throughout its run, there will be monthly community events with the brand’s founders to conduct demos, discuss products, and provide further education. Physical in-store displays will offer additional brand and product education.

While this is the brand’s first in-person retail concept, brick-and-mortar stores have always been a top priority for founder and CEO Jazmin Alvarez, who founded Pretty Well Beauty after noticing a dearth of inclusivity and diversity within clean, clean beauty. wellness space. “This is an Afro-Latino concept, 100 percent clean and focused that has never been done before. Our concept puts brands that are diverse at the forefront and not as an afterthought,” said Álvarez. To successfully develop the retailer’s first physical store concept and establish an omnichannel strategy, Alvarez brought in Roe Palermo, former VP of Merchandising at Saks, and Autumn Colon, former Marketing Director at Camp.

Founder and CEO Jazmin Alvarez

The brand is conservatively expected to reach $150,000 in sales from the new physical store, according to industry sources. Álvarez expects this expansion to increase conversion rates, boost online sales and possibly account for the bulk of the retailer’s revenue over the next year. “This is going to be an opportunity … to gain even more brand exposure, brand recognition in one of the busiest shopping places in New York City,” he said.