‘Please be nice this weekend’: Cincinnati Kroger manager’s post goes viral

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A Kroger store manager’s Reddit post asking customers to be nice to employees over the holiday weekend went viral Saturday.

In the post, the Cincinnati manager acknowledged issues some stores are experiencing in the US, including rising prices, staff shortages, lack of products on shelves, and longer lines.

While shoppers may be frustrated this season, the manager stressed the importance of being courteous to store employees.

Reddit post by a Kroger manager goes viral asking people to be nice over the holiday weekend.

“None of these things are controlled at the store level,” the post says. “Yelling at the 16-year-old trying to do the best she can at what is probably her first job doesn’t fix any of it and she just makes a jerk out of you.”

Over 1,200 people upvoted the thread on Reddit and over 200 commented.

“It never ceases to amaze me that a vacation about being thankful for what you have [can bring] bring out the worst in some people,” said one person.

At the bottom of the post, the manager listed the phone number for Kroger Co.’s corporate headquarters for customers to call.

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