Brad Pitt is the latest celebrity to launch a beauty brand

top line Brad Pitt announced in British Vogue on Wednesday the launch of his gender-neutral skincare line, Le Domaine, joining the host of other big-name celebrities who have launched beauty lines in recent years. Brad Pitt attends the ‘Blonde’ red carpet at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on … [+] September 08, 2022 in […]

report from 7 pilot countries

Overview During 2021-2022 a series of country pilot projects (Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Mongolia, Rwanda, Thailand and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) of the phase-out criteria were carried out in the six regions of the WHO. The primary objective was to conduct a practical assessment and assess the feasibility of accurately measuring […]

Avoid Treasuries And TIPS – Invest In These Stocks

carterdayne Dear Readers & investors, Following the discussions on various outlets and forums as to how we should consider investing in this environment, I noted an overrepresentation of stances that called for protection through investing in treasuries and other so-called inflation-protected forms of investments. I believe this can be likened to the surge of investing […]

Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty Acne Collection Launch

Do you remember rubbing a gritty, fruity paste on your face after high school gym class, only to follow up with an alcohol-laden astringent in hopes of drying up any traces of breakouts? Chances are, the last person you’d think would do the same is Jessica Alba. In fact, the actress and businesswoman began taking […]