US Open fashion offers glamor and performance

This year’s US Open team will be remembered for Serena Williams’ farewell outfit, Coco Gauff’s first signature shoe, adidas’ innovative unisex pieces and Fila’s unique spin on classic silhouettes. Marija Zivlak from Women’s tennis blogall eyes were on Serena WilliamsWith the electric games of America’s main night in mind, Nike designers joined forces with Serena […]

10 tips to sell your house for more money

Even in a seller’s market, where inventory is tight and bidding wars are common, it’s still worth spending some time and energy to position your home to sell for the best price. This effort can involve a variety of steps, from working with a real estate agent who really understands the local market to spending […]

Jenn Harper on building a better beauty community

The full episode is worth listening to, but one part of the conversation that I can’t stop thinking about was a section where Harper and I talk about how we define success as a society, and what it means to be a “beauty brand.” successful”. “ “In Western culture, success is defined by what you […]

The Powers Fashion’s Most Powerful Women Want – WWD

WWD, Footwear News and Beauty Inc asked this year’s 50 most powerful women in fashion, beauty, retail and accessories: “If you could have any power in the world, what would it be?” Here are their answers. Shannon Abloh Getty Images Shannon Abloh, chief executive officer and managing director, Virgil Abloh Securities “Of course, I wish […]