How Pickleball Became the Favorite Sport of the One Percent

On a recent sun-kissed Sunday morning in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles, a bevy of celebrities, Hollywood executives and glamorous Southern California ladies gathered for green juice and a sweat at the Riviera Country Club. But it wasn’t golf that brought this group together, and it wasn’t tennis, squash or even Pilates, it […]

New Orleans Fashion Week brings the glamor back

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – New Orleans Fashion Week (NOFW) announces its 2021 calendar of events with Taste of Fashion Week, a 3-day fashion bash showcasing the talent and creative spirit of the designers from New Orleans and the South. The glamorous weekend kicks off on Thursday, November 4 with a presentation of vintage fashion […]

6 tips for giving out-of-town buyers next-level service

If you’re helping buyers search for homes remotely, with just a short drive to make their final decision in person, here’s how to create systems and processes to make working with out-of-town buyers more effective, efficient, and rewarding. . are you receiving Inman’s Agent Edge? Make sure you are subscribed here. big shakeupIn our current […]

Women are over the underwire bra

Placeholder while article actions load NEW YORK – In the last two years, many of us abandon the office, travel, parties, family gatherings and, apparently, the underwired bra. “At least there is something happy coming out of this pandemic,” says Kristen Classi-Zummo, apparel analyst at NPD Group. For many women, underwire bras and comfort remain […]