Need for Speed™ Unbound and Balmain Fashion team up

EA and Criterion Games™ partner with Parisian fashion house Balmain to launch exclusive Need for Speed™ Unbound, Balmain content. This is real world footwear that is also in-game content. Need for Speed ​​Unbound is scheduled to release on December 7th and fashion is the name of the game. This year, EA team up to bring Balmain’s luxe style to the series. Real-world fashion house Balmain steps in to add themes that promote freedom of choice, style, and sentiment.

Need for Speed™ Unbound and Balmain Fashion

Game and fashion collide

Need for Speed™ Unbound and Balmain will launch on December 7 with a new look in gaming fashion. Check out the B-IT slider in the game. It’s footwear you can buy in the real world. Not only can you buy them in the real world, but with only 300 slated for production, they’re also limited editions.

Need for Speed™ Unbound and Balmain Fashion

Video game content gets one step closer to real life with the introduction of the recently Balmain-sponsored in-game model and rival runner Eleonor. Eleonor wears a unique dress designed by Balmain from the house’s Fall 2022 collection. As an added experience, players can also collect four different Balmain pieces.

The art of racing challenge

The upcoming Need for Speed™ franchise promises to deliver the same as years before. This year, the game trailers showcase art unique to the series. New color tones, bars, arrows, and smoke effects grace the trailers. Deep textures and graffiti-inspired paint tones ripple across the screen. But don’t worry, Need for Speed™ Unbound puts drivers in the seat of their own racing adventure. The game takes a fantastic new approach to the graphic design of the game. This year, the franchise features visual styles inspired by real-life street art. Realistic cars, designer fashion, and street art compete together like never before in Need for Speed™ Unbound.


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