Kate Hudson shares her best beauty products for beautiful skin

The holidays are coming up and we have a lot on our minds: which parties to attend, arranging trips to see friends and family, hosting guests at home, and for me, it’s often packing, unpacking and repacking my bags (admittedly, my favorite beauty). and skin care products aren’t always there), for all kinds of holiday adventures.

But really, can a winter skincare routine stick? Is there really a good way to keep things going during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or are our good habits (my moisturizer for sensitive skin, hydration routine, whatever) meant to be thrown away when other things take precedence? ?

When it comes to winter skin care (and personal care), I immediately thought of Kate Hudson, whose multiple wellness-focused brands like FLOWERING Y fables—decades of career in TV and film, and time spent traveling to New York and Los Angeles (with stunning skin, though!) make her a pro. Sitting across from me on the sofa in its bright red Fabletics TrinityMotion365 Leggings and a fuzzy coat, Kate Hudson radiated joy and calm—anything but the fatigue we all face come the holidays—and revealed her best skincare and beauty tips and tricks for Prevention readers.

It’s no secret that your beauty routine should start from within, so let’s start there.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star relies on extra virgin olive oil, which you can get at any grocery store, and not just the way you might think. “For me, just drink. Tablespoon, any type of extra virgin olive oil. Even when I’m cooking, I know it sounds crazy, but I get olive oil on my hands and I use it and I wipe it on my face, and people say:??? But you’re supposed to eat it, and I’m like no, it goes everywhere. It feels amazing. Just try it. Just put it on your skin and you’ll be like omg! You have all these facial oils and stuff… olive oil on your skin is amazing.”

she is all about gut health also. Eating fermented foods can help support the gut microbiome, and fermented foods may play a role in supporting digestive health and restoring the balance of bacteria in the gut. “[I focus on] Gut health, gut health, gut health. Fermented foods! I eat fermented foods every day… sauerkraut… kimchi,” she reveals.

inbloom beauty aura powder on the table with other beauty products

INBLOOM Beauty Aura Powder


Especially around the holidays, checking in on yourself is crucial to your mental health, which leads to the next step in Hudson’s routine: “For me [any time], registration and meditation are important: when you stay still and silent with yourself for just a few minutes… are you tired, does your body feel stagnant? Where are you holding? And that’s for me where FLOWERING enters. When I’m going to be more active, feel like I need more energy or better recovery, I take the Green Protein Chocolate ($59) or Green Vanilla Protein ($59). I also love taking beauty aura powder ($55) every day. It is my main beauty product. My skin, everything, is better when I take that, when it comes from the inside out of everything.” All of the items listed above are part of Hudson’s Slay the Season INBLOOM campaign, which includes nine types of “holiday helpers” to help get you through your festivities.

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Hudson also pointed out her number one tip for “beauty from within,” less of a secret, more of a general rule of thumb: drink more water! “For me it is water. It’s free. Honestly. If you’re more hydrated, you won’t feel as dry. Everything is backwards for me.” If you need a reminder every hour, Prevention recommends these motivational water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Now for the beauty from the outside. What are Kate Hudson’s best beauty products?

Curious minds want to know.

Hudson is open about the fact that she prefers to look for products that favor natural ingredients, but that isn’t always possible: “I just don’t like synthetic stuff on my face or body. That being said, some of these things on my list aren’t considered “clean,” but when I need them, like when I’m in Aspen, I need them. I’m going to put the La Mere Moisturizing Cream ($200) everywhere.

“The other brand that I love is [Leaping Bunny-Certified] symbiote. That product line is a dream for me.” (Some of the brand’s best products include The only ($125) restorative cream gel, The answer ($200) repair serum, and The renewal ($60) daily cleanser). The brand shares about its products: “We create minimalist skincare with maximalist results. We leverage our proprietary microbiome research, fueled by highly potent and sustainable ingredients, to develop products that naturally promote our skin’s clarity, vitality and resiliency.”

She continues: “I also like the Laneige Lip Mask ($24), you know which one. And… I’m not supposed to like cloth masks, they’re terrible for the environment, but I live for a cloth mask. I like him SK-II Sheet Masks ($15)!”

So there you have it, Kate Hudson’s winter skincare routine. You know what we will add to our carts as soon as possible. I wish you all a happy, healthy, and restful season (and more to come in the sweet ways she loves to enjoy the holidays!)

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