Jack Grealish and Gucci? Welcome to the new era of fantasy fashion football associations X

Our players seem to revel in this contradiction and, in a strange inversion, use a love of fashion, along with all the negative connotations of effeminacy that might come with it, as a means of asserting their alpha male masculinity. That’s why Jean Paul Gaultier’s David Beckham sarong made front-page news when he wore it out of commission at France ’98. You had to have a bottle to use that, especially when open homophobia was still sadly widespread in public discourse. Soccer fops like Beckham and Grealish turn the game upside down with their embrace of fashion and vanity. In doing so, they garner legions of female and gay fans and become pop culture icons in the process.

Another peculiarity of British football culture is the importance of pop music for fans and players alike. David Beckham used to go to the legendary Twice As Nice nightclub, whose influential attendees consider the UK Garage’s Studio 54. Grealish also has legions of fans among rappers and is regularly mentioned in freestyles and underground hits, like Stormzy’s remix of “Sore” in which he raps “Slide in the middle like Grealish.”

Neil Bedford

The midfielder is also friends with rapper Tion Wayne, with whom he can be seen on youtube shopping for Rolexes at Bethnal Green jewellery, Trotters. His England teammate Declan Rice celebrates goals by doing the dance from Wayne’s ‘Body’ video. There is a long history of this sort of thing. What other country would get New Order – New Order! to record your World Cup song? “World In Motion” is now a classic that makes young and old alike cry. When it comes to being cool, our players and fans are genuinely world leaders.

Although sadly tainted by hooliganism, England fans are also the most forward thinking and innovative in the world. Jackets from Stone Island, CP Company and Moncler, Stan Smith trainers and Lacoste polo shirts were worn in the stands of British football clubs before making their catwalk and music video debuts.

Source: www.gq-magazine.co.uk