HEB Hack Goes Viral On TikTok, Even A Former Employee Says She Didn’t Know

SAINT ANTONIO – Not so much a gimmick as a relatively unknown service, but it proves once again that no store does more than HEB.

A viral TikTok posted over the weekend revealed that HEB will be steaming and seasoning your seafood in-store so you can go home with a piping hot dinner.

KSAT contacted HEB and spokeswoman Julie Bedingfield confirmed that most seafood service departments have in-store steaming capabilities.

“This is a service we have been proud to offer clients for many years,” Bedingfield said.

TikTok user lucystylezz posted the viral video, which shows her walking up to the seafood counter at HEB and asking if they cook food for customers.

The HEB partner confirms that they steam items and even offer a variety of seasonings.

Bedingfield confirmed that Old Bay, lemon pepper and creole are offered in most stores.

“Some items that are best steamed are lobster, crab and shrimp,” Bedingfield said.

The HEB partner also mentioned lobster, crab and shrimp as some of the best items shoppers can steam.

Comments on the video ranged from shock to excitement.

Kierra Taylor commented in the video that she used to work at HEB and that even she didn’t know about the “trick.”

Another commenter, Val Gonzales, said he buys pounds of steamed shrimp with the lemon pepper seasoning.

TikToker Willy C said: “Cajun shrimp is FIREEEEEEE.”

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