Gwen Stefani’s Beauty Line Gxve Launches New Social Selling Platform

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Music icon Gwen Stefani launched her clean beauty brand, Gxve, in March and now she’s found a way to take the brand to new heights.

Gxve is a clean, high-performance color cosmetics brand that Stefani created out of her love for all things makeup. “I feel most beautiful when I’m creative. I love expressing that through makeup,” Stefani shared with “GMA.”

“I was very inspired by ’60s-era makeup when I was younger and loved looking at photos of my mom from the 1960s. She exuded a timeless beauty through her makeup,” he continued.

The first of its kind, Gxve launched what the brand calls ‘The Gxve Community’, a digital platform for makeup lovers to share their love of art.

The platform is designed to allow users to interact, share ideas and sell Gxve products while earning a 30% commission. Depending on the brand, selected ambassadors will be granted access to the platform on an app basis.

“One thing I love is that our community is open to everyone, you don’t need a minimum social media following, just a passion for makeup and a positive attitude,” added Stefani.

To apply, consumers simply visit the “Become an Ambassador” tab on the site.

“My whole vision for the brand was to create an open and safe space for like-minded makeup lovers to express themselves. The GXVE community makes this dream come true.”