Crazy Georgetown-Northwestern Basketball Sequence Goes Viral

Many believe that college basketball season doesn’t really start until after football is over. That, of course, isn’t accurate, but if there’s any truth to it, consider it a good thing there aren’t many eyes on Tuesday night’s matchup between Georgetown and Northwestern.

The Hoyas and Wildcats actually played a pretty entertaining game at Capital One Arena, but it’s a 30-second stretch in the first half that deserves to be enshrined in internet lore. I would try to describe what happened, but you better see for yourself below.

As the old saying goes, there is beauty in the fight.

That brief stretch of play saw a missed free throw, three turnovers and a thrown layup. Eight different players touched the ball, creating a barrage of sound and fury but ultimately to no avail. As one of the game’s announcers rightly noted, “I wouldn’t call that last sequence a Picasso.”

Like most great works of art that go unappreciated in their own time, there’s a hunch that this bravura display of chaotic energy gains greater appreciation as the season progresses. Whenever these two teams put on a signature performance, positive or negative, throughout the rest of the year, you can be sure this video will come back.

The NCAA tournament is still some way off, but luckily the college basketball craze is in full swing.

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