Coveteur Editors Favorite Beauty Products July 2022

As beauty editors, our beauty power rankings are always changing, but it seems like the stakes are higher during the summer months. Whether you like above-average temperatures or are counting down the days until the fall equinox, there’s no denying that this weather is perfect for testing new products. A product can be good, but is summer good? Resisting summer sweat is the best indicator of performance, and as we tested July’s hottest beauty launches, these products rose to the challenge and earned the summer seal of approval. Read on for the July 2022 releases our beauty team wore while (trying to) beat the heat.

Adi with Dior’s Forever Natural Velvet foundation.

Photo: Courtesy of Adi Giesy

Forever Natural Velvet Foundation

When it comes to complexion products, I don’t normally go for a powder, but I’ve loved this transfer-proof tint. It has a buildable matte finish but feels super light on my skin. I like to apply a light layer with a powder brush and go back with a sponge to give more coverage in the target areas.


Polypeptide-121 Future Cream

Peptides and ceramides are must-have ingredients for me in any moisturizer. As someone who constantly battles eczema flare-ups, I give my skin barrier all the love it can get. This formula includes anti-aging properties as an added bonus.

Youth for the People

lip treatment

I’m in what I call my bright lip era. Everything that gives hydration and shine catches my attention. I love how these balms also add a subtle hint of color. If you, like me, are not a fan of full pigment lipsticks, these are for you.

sunglasses face

Sumiko in Zeyl Beauty Glow To Bed With Me Undereye Eraser Eye Mask.

Photo: Courtesy of Sumiko Wilson

Under Eye Eraser Eye Mask

If you did not receive the memo, single-use eye masks are out. Inspired by outer space, these reusable eye masks are infused with a hearty dose of collagen to plump sleepy eyes while you sleep. I paired it with the brand’s Valerian Root Infused Snooze Serum and woke up feeling like I’d slept a solid 10 hours (although I had five hours max).

Zeyl Beauty

Legally Blonde Law School Prep Kit

I could wax poetic about the quality of Luxy extensions for hours, seriously. I first tried your plugins last summer and was blown away by their next level look and feel. Her extensions are smooth, dense and shiny without dipping into synthetic levels of shine. A year later, they are as good as the first day I cut them. The 16-inch ponytail that comes in this Legally Blonde-inspired kit is just as good. And as someone who has worn drawstring ponytails for years (don’t judge me), I love how the wraparound closure on this pony gives it a more natural, understated look. The kit also comes with hair ties, a brush, a notebook, and a pen to complete your Elle Woods cosplay.

luxury hair

the sunscreen

For the most part, when I think of mineral sunscreen, I immediately think of a white shade. While massaging this over my moisturizer, I was a little concerned about the initial purplish-white tint it left behind; momentarily I was giving Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But once I gave it a little time to dry, I was very, very impressed. It took a few minutes, but once it settled into my skin, it was completely transparent, earning it a gold star in my book (and a permanent spot in my SPF rotation).