CHS Fashion Club Campus Looks: Winter Edition | Islander Times News


The CHS Fashion Club has been gathering many ideas during the winter season.

“The current trends for this winter that we are seeing are a revival of the 2010-2012 fashion pieces,” said CHS Fashion Club President Emma Slaughter. “We have seen many students wearing low rise jeans, uggs, sequins, feathers, scarves, Dickies, Carhartt jackets, pants, puffer jackets and puffer vests. [that] now they’re back in style,” she said, adding that arm and leg warmers have also been in style for over a year.

Slaughter became interested in creating the Fashion Club because she wanted to create an outlet for students to feel comfortable wearing what they wanted and appreciate other students’ outfits. Her favorite part of the fashion industry is the runway shows, specifically the Isabel Marant fall 2009 and 2012 shows. Her outfits are very close to her personal style. According to Slaughter, the school is unique and diverse when it comes to clothing styles, so she created the Fashion Club for people who love to predict trends and discuss celebrity outfits.

Club Cabinet member Jared Frances is a big fan of the New Balance shoe trend. They are definitely a more interesting style and she loves a good chunky shoe. One campus fashion trend the club disliked was the plaid pajama bottoms and tank top combo that was circulating around campus because “it was so repetitive.” Frances said, “People should join the Fashion Club because it’s such a fun time at every meeting. It’s definitely about being confident in what you’re wearing.”

According to the Fashion Club cabinet members, Ms. Bernardy has the best style of all the administrative employees on campus.

The Fashion Club believes that this winter’s footwear is the cowboy boot, and it will make a very nice transition into spring. This coming spring, the club predicts that CHS students will see platform flip-flops, a revival of mesh tops, and polka dots will be back in style. They think CHS will see lots of unique and fun colors, along with larger bags and purses coming back into style.

The Fashion Club is looking forward to the next fashion trends to come this upcoming 2023 school year.

VOLUME 10, no. January 15 – 18, 2023