Bruce Willis and his radical lifestyle change after being diagnosed with aphasia

yessince Bruce Willis announced that he was retiring from acting in April after being diagnosed with aphasia, his life has undergone a radical change.

The disorder affects a person’s speech, as well as the way they write and understand spoken and written language.

As a result, Willis he has stepped away from filming, travel, interviews and public appearances.

Now he lives away from that world with his family.

His wife Emma Hemingwith whom he has been married for 13 years, takes care of him and his two daughters, mabel ray Y Evelyn Pennin his house far from the city.

He helps her plant flowers and paint fences, while she has been seen dancing with her daughters, making it clear that they are happy despite Bruce’s health problems.

During an interview with The Bump, hem He talked about the importance of not forgetting oneself even in difficult times.

Heming’s strength in the face of adversity

“When you take too much care of someone, you end up not taking care of yourself,” he said.

“That stopped me in my tracks and really got me going.

“We have to spend more time on our own basic needs.”

That is exactly what he is doing and what he shows on social networks.

He carries out his tasks on a daily basis, which serves as an example for those who live in a similar situation.