Andie MacDowell Can’t Live Without These 8 Lifestyle Essentials

The pandemic may have had a lot of downsides, but turning Andie MacDowell into a “badass” in the eyes of her kids wasn’t one of them. Like millions of other women, the 64-year-old actress, model and brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris found herself hard-pressed to find a colorist during the Covid-19 lockdowns. “No one was going to the salon,” she tells us over Zoom, her signature South Carolina accent lowering the G. “My hair was turning a little salt and pepper and my daughters were telling me I looked amazing. And no one had ever told me I looked tough before! I liked.”

Her children, actresses Rainey Qualley and Margaret Qualley, weren’t the only fans of her new hair color: Last summer, when she strutted down the runway at L’Oréal Paris sporting a riot of silver curls, the image went viral. , with a breathless breath. headlines call her decision “the latest power move.” While MacDowell says she doesn’t think much of her salt-and-pepper locks anymore—”it’s just who I am and I feel beautiful,” she says—she’s come in handy on the set of “The Way Home.” the multigenerational family drama she recently filmed for the Hallmark Channel. “On the show, I get to play myself at two different ages, 19 and today,” she says. When it came to portraying her younger self, MacDowell says she donned a wig, bravely denying her 45-year-old age and wisdom with the fall of a hairnet. Ella read on for more great ways the legendary star is flipping the script on what it means to age gracefully in Hollywood these days.

“I don’t like to call my hair gray,” says MacDowell. “I tell people it’s silver, and this one-step toner you can use in the shower really helps bring out silver strands and make them shine.”

“I am completely addicted to these mint balls,” she says. “I take them with me everywhere and always give them to people. They have no sugar, they are pure mint and they leave you with the best taste in your mouth! If you have coffee on your breath or just aren’t feeling fresh, bite into one of these and it releases this very intense mint flavor. I like to put one on before I go on set.”

“I am crazy about the smell of these incense sticks!” MacDowell says. “They make you smell like a spa. I wish L’Oréal would make a perfume that smells like this incense because I love it. I rub this on and get so many compliments on it.”

“I have always liked red lipstick. If you’re just wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, you can put on some lipstick and you’ll look glam,” says MacDowell. “It is very French. I find myself with silver hair, a red lipstick highlights even more. I love this red-orange shade because it really intensifies the color of my hazel eyes.”

“These reading glasses are retro and modern at the same time,” he says. “They make the frames in all different colors: red, green, amber, pink, blue. I don’t like gray glasses. I prefer tinted, reddish tones. They make you look mysterious.”

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“In my daily life, I don’t wear foundation,” she says. “I only use a little concealer around my eyes and nose, where it can get a little red. I like this concealer because it doesn’t look complicated.”

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“I know people are always worried about fine lines, but that’s not what’s important,” she says. “I have very dry skin, so for me, the most important thing is hydration. I use this cream to remove my makeup at night and it leaves my skin glowing, smooth and dewy.”

“I started collecting Hermès scarves 35 years ago,” says MacDowell. “I use them to protect my neck and décolleté from the sun when I go hiking in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. And I’ll tell you why: I don’t go out! I don’t do anything But I love walking, I do it every day and it’s my favorite thing in the world. So I thought, I might enjoy my Hermès scarves!”