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youthree weeks into January and putting on makeup still feels laborious. Therefore easy and natural is ideal. That said, “natural” is entirely subjective; For some, natural is a face full of makeup: contour, powder, fakes, the works. For those with a minimalist outlook, here’s the tip. A primer or concealer that feels and, when applied, looks like skin, a lifted adult lip balm you can wear without a mirror, a mascara that gives you thick, full lashes in seconds (Sculpted by Aimee is phenomenal), and a highlighter for dots on your cheekbones so you don’t look as dull as January.

one. Byredo lip balm £40, cultbeauty.com
2. Sisley Stylo Correct Concealer £46, net-a-porter.com
3. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Foundation £30, lancome.co.uk
Four. Rare Beauty Positive Light Highlighter Silky Touch £28, sephora.co.uk
5. Sculpted by Aimee My Mascara £17, sculpted by aimee.co.uk

I can’t do without… An entry level retinoid serum that won’t make your skin break out.

There aren’t many products that I would use without blinking an eye. But I barely read the blurb for this retinoid serum before covering my face in it. I had immediate confidence. That’s because the woman behind the brand is Caroline Hirons, the skincare guru with over 25 years of experience. What Hirons doesn’t know about skin care probably isn’t worth knowing. And so Skin Rocks, her skincare line, is built on all the principles that have made Hirons one of the most powerful voices in beauty: transparency, honesty, and education. Her initial launch includes two products that are retinoids, an ingredient every skincare expert will tell you we should all be using to get the best skin ever. Retinoids are a highly praised wonder ingredient because they are great for everything from fine lines to hyperpigmentation. However, many are really harsh and leave you looking taut, red, and detached like a snake in no time. While many are still happy to go through with it, Hirons has created two retinoid-infused products so you don’t have to. If you’ve never tried retinoids before, or have never gotten along with them, or are prone to sensitivity or a little terrified, give Retinoid 1 a try. It’s a fantastic entry-level serum. Use it every night (always use sunscreen in the morning) and in a few days you will notice clearer, brighter and smoother skin. No shedding, no pain, just great results. Skin Rocks Retinoid 1, £65, skinrocks.com

On my radar… Three hair treatments for lusher locks

smooth operator This antioxidant-rich, multi-tasking oil can be used as an intensive treatment or for styling. So expect smoother, shinier hair and faster drying. Moroccan Oil Treatment, £34.85, lookfantastic.com

As you sleep A nighttime serum that nourishes the skin barrier of the scalp so that it produces healthy hair. Hyaluronic acid keeps hydration levels intact. Aveda Scalp Solutions Night Serum, £42, aveda.com

doing wonders Damaged hair and looking for a shiny and uncomplicated treatment? Try this leave-in hair bonding complex. Use weekly to repair hair and make it stronger. Living Proof Triple Bond Complex, £43, livingproof.co.uk

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