2023 will be the year of the fashion bum

Back home, Tish Weinstock, Poppy Delevingne and Camille Charrière welcomed January in dresses that matched the gothic décor around their stately home. “There’s something incredibly empowering about a nude dress: It’s a true celebration of your body, just the way it is,” says Weinstock, who believes that both a visible thong and more substantial boxer briefs work just as well for 2023’s rear focus, always. and when you feel comfortable in what you are exhibiting. “Showing your butt looks best when paired with something vintage, which keeps the trend up,” he adds. “I would avoid bodycon because I think it takes the thrill out of seeing flesh under sheer material.”

We really should have seen the bum receding into full view at the end of the spring/summer 2023 shows, when Sarah Burton greeted the return of Alexander McQueen’s legendary bumsters. “To me, that part of the body, not so much the buttocks, but the lower spine, is the most erotic part of anyone’s body,” said Lee McQueen as he revealed his butt-enhancing builder pants as part of the first collection of him. , titled Taxi Driver, in 1993. Burton honored the designer’s ode to anatomy by posing the question, “How do you dress a woman to empower her in the times we live in?” females aren’t afraid to get into very, very small crotches.

Source: news.google.com